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Why Your Small Business Coach?

According to recent data there are over 500,000 Australians that list their primary occupation as a business coach! So straight up thats a lot of business coaches out there, and its only growing!

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Couple this with the fact the business coaching industry is largely unregulated. This means if you are looking to find the best business coach you are potentially going to struggle to know where to start, who to trust and whether you have made the right choice once you commit to a coach!

We felt there had to be a better way for a business owner to find the right business coach, so we created it in Your Small Business Coach.

How It Works


We receive your enquiry via our site that captures some basic information about your situation and your business


We conduct our own internal research based factoring into account your requirements and needs to identity 2-3 coaches that are likely the best fit for your situation.


We contact the coaches we believe are the best fit and have them reach out directly to you to setup an initial chat.

Once you are comfortable to submit your enquiry with us, we capture information about your situation and business this includes where you are at whether you are starting out, scaling up, trying to overcome challenges or something else. We ask if you want to engage with the coach in person, online or if you don’t mind. We seek to understand the number of employees you have as certain coaches specialise helping businesses of certain sizes. We also seek to understand your business category and your physical location as critically if you are looking for a face to face coach in a specific city this will limit the options. Likewise if you are a trades business you will not get much value from a coach who specialises in ecommerce businesses only.

Once we capture all this information, its time for you to sit back and relax, and we get to work. We have an extensive database we have been building up over the past few years where we can search based on a number of criteria. We reference interviews we have conducted with coaches, and feedback we have gotten from clients. 


Putting all this information together we come up with a shortlist of 2-3 coaches who we reach out to, to contact you. We feel this reduces the friction and we want to make the connection as quickly as possible We have agreements with our coaches that they will contact you in a timely manner as we want to respect the urgency you may have in finding the right coach.

Once this is done its really up to you the business owner to decide who is the right fit for your business. We have written a wealth of articles on business coaches which you can find on our blog here.

What Others Say About Us

About Us

Our service is free and 100% no obligation to you.

We are an independent Australian Company that helps business owners make an informed decision on which business coach to use. We provide a selection of the best business coaches matched to your needs based on our own database, which we update daily, combined with years of researching business coaches throughout Australia. We make it easy and provide you a shortlist of business coaches for you to interview further.


We pride ourselves on our ability to respond very quickly to enquiries. Its not uncommon for us to have referred in the coaches we believe are the best fit for your business within a few hours of enquiring.


We ensure the coaches we recommend are a fit based on your specific needs. We have a stringent process to review coaches including extensive interviews so you can be reassured we will help you find a coach that meets your specific needs.

Free & No Obligation

There is zero cost to you as the business owner in using our services and no obligation to choose a coach we recommend. Our service is funded by coaches who pay us referral fees and create listings on our directory.

What Makes Us Unique?

When we decided to build Your Small Business Coach, it was very important for us to understand what the current experience was for a business owner looking for a business coach, and more importantly how we could add substantial value to both the business owner and the business coach in the process. We landed on 3 key things that other sites were missing and these are:

Selection Depth

We work with and know the majority of the best business coaches in Australia which enables us to to be able to draw on a wider pool of potential candidates to help you.


Despite us having a large pool of coaches to refer you to. We commit to only seeking out 2-3 coaches who are the best fit. We will not share your details with large amounts of coaches as we appreciate that’s not a great user experience.


We ONLY work with business coaches, there are other types of coaches like life coaches and executive coaches that some sites confuse and mix up when customers enquire. We ensure the coaches we refer are specialised business coaches with the credentials to back it up.

Who We Have Helped So Far

Business Coaches Reviewed
Business Owners Helped
The business coach matchmaking book.

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Top Frequently Asked Questions

This is probably one of the most common questions we asked ourselves when we decided to build Your Small Business Coach. Why would a business owner want to use a third party site like Your Small Business Coach to help them find a business coach. 

The answer to that we feel is pretty much covered in above, but it all comes down to the user experience. Currently it’s pretty terrible with an overwhelming amount of business coaches vying for the attention of business owners on every advertising channel they are on. 

It’s too taxing and noisy. It’s hard to know who to trust. Reviews for business coaches are also hard to come by as many business owners don’t want to share they have had business struggles and make that public. So this is the reality of going it alone and trying to find a business coach on your own, or you can let us take the time and hassle away!

We have been running for several years and speak daily with business coaches. We are always interviewing! With this we have built up our own database based on our own questioning techniques to ensure we recommend the best coaches based on our experience and more importantly their experience.

The qualifications and certifications do vary! This is what makes selecting a business coach so difficult, as real business experience more than often beats qualifications. We regularly interview business coaches and talk personally to every client who enquires so we can ensure quality controls over time.

Absolutely! We have a match-guarantee meaning if we recommend a business owner to a coach and they feel they are not a fit, we will gladly source the next best coach who we feel can fit for them to assess!

We help small and mid sizes business owners in Australia find a business coach. We have helped a huge variety of business categories including but not limited to: plumbers, electricians, tradies, ecommerce businesses, health and fitness businesses, mental health businesses, dentists, sales consultants, restaurant owners. You can check out our google reviews here to get a sense of how our customers rave about us.

Deciding to engage with a coach is a big step, but the one that comes next is even bigger: finding the right coach for you and your business..

The idea of hiring a business coach often gets mixed responses. There are currently no concrete regulations in Australia around online business coaching as an industry. This can lead some people to worry about whether they will get any real value for what they pay and whether they can do anything about it if they don’t.

The other big concern for many small business owners in Australia is whether business coaching is actually useful.

If you’re nodding along with those concerns, then you’ve already made the first step in the right direction. Any decision you make concerning your business needs to be well thought out and weigh up all the pros and cons – selecting a small business coach being no exception. When you find the right small business consultant, they can be an incredibly valuable resource in helping you grow your business in the right ways.

According to the Australia Bureau of Statistics, 60% of small businesses fail within the first three years. Of those that do decide to close their doors, only fifty per cent of them made a profit. The reasons for a business not succeeding are nuanced, but there are core things that you need to get right to set yourself up for the best chance of success. 

Coaching for small business is perfectly positioned to help you do this. 

Research published in 2018 in the Journal of Management Development analysed the perceived outcomes of extended business coaching with fifty-two leaders across various industries. They found multiple measurable impacts on their business, including:

  • 89% saw increased employee engagement.
  • 82% experienced increased customer satisfaction.
  • 50% reported an ‘extremely positive’ return on investment (ROI).

What this research tells (and reassures) us is that hiring a business coach does work, for most people. Investing in your business is one of the key ways to help it grow. In a small business, it pays to acknowledge which areas can be outsourced to help you get them right – we aren’t all experts on everything, and we don’t have to be. A online business coach can help you identify this, but they’re also a worthy investment for other reasons; whether it’s getting your online presence up-to-speed, increasing your leadership skills, overhauling your marketing strategy or helping you understand how to diversify your core offerings to gain better traction and profit.

However, this research doesn’t tell us how much these fifty-two leaders researched their small business strategists before deciding to work with them. Working with the best coach for you is probably the most crucial component of achieving a positive business growth strategy, Finding a coach can be time-consuming – til now there’s really been no effective business coach directory in Australia that can help small businesses understand who’s out there, what they do and how they can help them.

Until now.

Your Small Business Coach has been developed to help small businesses across Australia find the best business coach for them. We’re taking away the mind-numbing job of trawling through Google search results or begging other business owners to share their secret weapon with you, to bring you the best business growth coaching options we’ve found in core Australian cities. But our service is more than that. We’re focused on uncovering quality, taking a broad range of client reviews into account across different platforms to connect you with the best coaches around. We have interviewed coaches, spoken to their clients, you name it to pull together a rich perspective on the top coaches.

Our small business coach recommendations are categorised by main city location ( Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Gold Coast, Newcastle and Canberra) and have taken into account existing client reviews, specialist expertise, experience in running their own successful businesses and a wide range of other factors to help you find the best small business coach in your area.

We also conduct our own interviews with coaches to delve into their approach. Our top coaches are not ranked by any particular preference, so if you’re looking through them, we recommend you review the whole list and not just who’s at the top! We do not review executive coaches unless the business coach also does executive coaching as part of their service.

We also understand that every small business is unique, and you may have coaching needs that are a bit more specific. You may be looking for a different level of success or level of performance.  If that sounds like you, we’re on hand to help you track down the right coach. For example male or female entrepreneurs can benefit from having an experienced partner to share their challenges and successes with. An experienced business coach can offer valuable insights that help entrepreneurs make decisions and reach their business goals. They understand the pressures of running a business and are able to provide strategies for dealing with problems in a timely manner.

For female entrepreneurs or those who want additional guidance in developing their business, there is also the option of hiring a female business coach. These coaches have experience dealing with the unique challenges that come with being a solo entrepreneur.

Wherever you may be on your business journey we want to make it easy for you to find the best coach matched to your needs.

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