10 of the Most Incredible AI Tools for Small Business in 2024

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THIS ARTICLE IS UPDATED: 22nd January, 2024

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AI tools are now starting to take the internet by storm. In fact, one of the most popular ones that you’ve probably already heard of Chat GPT is making so much noise online its almost impossible to escape it!

This dialogue-based AI tool chatbox is a prototype that can understand human language and generate human-like responses as naturally as possible. It has a vast amount if use cases – for example It can create content for your platforms, answer customer questions, and even give out recommendations to people – basically, just like Google (or Bing) but on steroids. In fact Microsoft has a unique partnership with Open AI the makers of Chat GPT where its getting integrated into the often overlooked Bing search engine!

It’s amazing how far we’ve come when it comes to AI. In a few years, ChatGPT will eventually become smarter and other AI software will no doubt emerge too – Google has already announced their equivalent BARD with a bit of a fizzle at the demo! However, did you know that there are other incredible AI tools right now that are as equally incredible as ChatGPT?

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Infographic of the best ai tools for small business owners in 2023

This is the start of the AI revolution, and you don’t want to miss out on these other gems – we have curated this list specifically for how they can help a small business knowing what many of our audience rely on software tools today! Hope you find these useful!

1 – Ocoya


Ocoya is one of the best AI options if you’re an influencer who needs help in content creation. What’s great about AI writing tools like Ocoya is that they can generate content 10 times faster than doing it manually. Not only does Ocoya auto-generate content for you, but it also schedules everything. It also covers a lot of social media platforms, including popular ones like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, and a whole lot more.

2 – Quickchat


One of the best AI powered tools for small business owners is Quickchat. This a tool that can fully converse end to end with your customers! It’s also multilingual, so it can accommodate a wide variety of users. This human-like assistant can answer your clients’ queries accurately and instantly. Lastly, it’s convenient to set up and will not need any technical expertise to do so. Very cool for any business which has a high amount of online conversations with their customers!

3 – Puzzle


A massive challenge for many online business owners, is ensuring potential customers can figure out how to understand their service or use their product, without having to constantly email or call them. This can be complicated for some owners, especially if what they’re offering is extensive. Luckily, one of the most convenient AI powered toolswe have on our list that solves for this is Puzzle. With just a few steps, you can create a dynamic content glossary that can guide customers on how to navigate your product or service. Its very customomisable. Its so popular in fact at time of writing this, there is a waitlist to signup!

4- Flair


This is your best friend when you need brand designs. In just a flash, you can create a product design generated with the help of this convenient AI tool. Quick and simple, all you have to do is drag a clear photo of your product, then describe to the AI what your brand is about, attributes etc – give it a bunch of context and inputs. Make a few edits after you found a generated look that suits your brand, export, and share afterward. It’s that simple!

5- Stockimg


Struggling to find useful stock images that look right for your content? It can take ages right we hear you, but luckily now you are about to find out about Stockimg. Whether you’re looking for a book cover, a poster, a wallpaper, or a stock photo, this tool will give you AI-generated images for you to choose from. The possibilities are endless with this tool in terms of combinations and what you can create – give it a try today!

6 – Copy.ai


Now that we are in the middle of the AI revolution more than ever we need to create compelling and useful content for your site or blog. We need help generating these as much as we can as expectations of unique content and frequency will likely increase. If writing content is a challenge for you, Copy.ai is here to help with that. AI writing tools are now starting to trend because of their convenience and speed in producing content. What’s amazing about Copy.ai is that it covers a variety of content types. You can choose blogs, social media captions, sales copy, website content, and a whole lot more.

7 – Beatoven


Who knew that AI tools would also cover music? If you want to generate music for your podcast or videos, then this one is for you. Beatoven is one of the most advanced AI powered tools when it comes to music making, and what’s incredible is that the generated music is royalty-free! You can do this by simply picking a genre, doing some edits and cuts, altering the mood, and then clicking compose. It’s that easy. With Beatoven, you canprovide quality music for your content right now, whether it’s for your audiobook, YouTube video, courses etc.

8 – Vidyo.ai


The next tool we’re covering is Vidyo.ai. This tool is one of the best AI platforms for editing your videos. If you’re a video content creator, then you will well know there are times when editing your work is too draining, right? Well, now that you know about Vidyo.ai, you won’t have to sit for hours editing your long videos to make them shorter and more relevant. With just a few clicks and edits here and there, you can generate short clips with templates, captions, and emojis without too much hassle. Greta for generating short form video content which is exploding in demand on platforms like YouTube!

9 – Podcastle


The last one on our list of the best AI tools for small business owners is Podcastle. If you are keeen to start podcsating but cant seem to find the time, then Podcastle is going to change your day! Podcastle is your one-stop platform to edit and export your recordings at a studio-quality level. With the power of AI, you can generate high quality audio and video recordings with just a few simple clicks. Before you know it you will have that podcast series uploaded to Spotify driving new sources of demand to your products or services!

10 – MachineTranlsation.com

An AI-assisted aggregator. It provides translation quality insights through evaluating and comparing multiple machine translation engines. It also recommends the best machine translation engine for your content. Its free and premium options provide the fast and cost-effective benefits of machine translation engines to small and medium-sized businesses. MachineTranslation.com is a Tomedes product.

Wrap Up

There it is the 10 most useful AI Tools for small business owners in 2024. Note this is really the tip of the ice berg though. We will continue to keep you updated on the best ones for small business owners – as not all are really that useful. Give some of the above a go and let us know in comments how the tools have helped you! Until next time!

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