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Are you a business owner on the Gold Coast looking for the perfect business coach to take your business to the next level? Look no further! Our platform helps match you with experienced business coaches dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and overcome any obstacles in your way. With personalized coaching and proven strategies, our business coaches can help you unlock your full potential and drive success for your business.

Your Small Business Coach has taken the leg-work out of helping small businesses find the best business coaching services in Gold Coast to hit their business goals. We’ve done deep research for you including manual research, interviews, talking to clients and sourced some of the top small business coaches in Gold Coast currently operating across a range of industry specialties, and listed them (in no particular order) below.

The following coaches all operate within the Gold Coast area or nationwide with virtual offerings. Covering a broad range of industry niches; from service based businesses and construction though to fashion and beauty! We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to.

This list of experienced business coaches in Gold Coast (in no particular order) brings together a selection of coaches with a substantial array of skills and testimonials, to help you find who you need to elevate your business today.

Here they are: (Click Below To Jump To A Specific Coach)

Toby Hollington: SMART Business Coaching

AMG Coaching

We Think Business

Toby Hollington: SMART Business Coaching

Smart business coaching inc. is a leading provider of business coaching services on the Gold Coast. With our team of experienced and knowledgeable business coaches, we help businesses unlock their full potential and achieve their goals.


Before he jumped into the business coaching world and started SMART Business Coaching, Toby Hollington worked as a professional accountant running a successful business. As a result, it should come as no surprise that he used the hands-on experience he has to teach his clients about the importance of proper bookkeeping processes in a business.

And, being an NLP Practitioner, Toby also has the skill and knowledge to transform people into charismatic and respectable business owners. In his business coaching programs, he emphasizes Money Mastery, Growth Mastery, and People Mastery as the three main approaches to taking a business to a new level.

Toby mainly got his inspiration and knowledge from leading entrepreneurs and business consultants like Tony Robbins, Chris Howard, and Mike Koenigs. He also claims that he has devoured more than 300 business and personal development books. These factors, along with his own professional background make him not only book smart but also experienced in his field.

Industry Focus & Specialities

  • Toby mainly works with small businesses around Gold Coast. From food to beauty to construction industries, Toby has the bandwidth to help clients move their businesses forward.
  • Being an experienced accountant, he puts an emphasis on the importance of Money Mastery, which involves gaining control of profit, cash, and growth.
  • He also uses NLP techniques to help business owners figure out the areas that need improvements and address issues in their subconscious minds to break any limitations.
  • Toby developed a proven coaching framework that includes 89 steps to achieve business success.
  • He also has a team of specialists to help with marketing and bookkeeping coaching programs.

Client Reviews

Toby has formed long-term partnerships with numerous clients. SMART Business Coaching has been committed to clients’ success for over two decades, and it shows in the results they help generate.

A client, Barry, says that thanks to Toby’s straightforward coaching approach and a good sense of humor, he was able to quickly develop a fantastic working relationship. Another client, Kym, is pleased with how Toby’s guidance has helped her in building team support within the workplace. Overall, many clients reported that they are satisfied with how Toby helped them in improving their marketing efforts, business growth and daily team operations.

AMG Coaching

Amg business performance logo.


AMG Coaching was founded by two aspiring entrepreneurs, Jason and Johanna Allender. Before going into the world of business coaching, Jason was part of AON’s sales team. Johanna, on the other hand, has a strong business management background and has also run a successful business in a publishing house. Having hands-on industry knowledge and expertise, both decided to start AMG Coaching.

With what are claimed to be proven coaching methodologies and world-class systems, AMD Coaching promises to help its clients achieve one thing: “Work less, earn more”. While it might sound cliche, this business coaching service believes that its programs will help provide business owners with more control and allow them to achieve the business growth they want.

Created with Gold Coast small business owners in mind, AMG Coaching’s primary objective is to help its clients make a business that can run automatically. Moreover, it focuses on critical issues that commonly impact a business and show the owner how to develop the right strategy to deal with them.

Essentially, what AMG Coaching does is teach business owners how to instill productivity, leadership, and accountability in their teams so that their businesses can stand out in a saturated market. This is done through the use of a tried and tested executive coaching program that involves an action plan with clear roles and responsibilities.

Industry Focus & Specialities

  • AMG Coaching has been in the Gold Coast business coaching scene for over a decade.
  • Its clients include small and medium businesses from various sectors.
  • The coaching services at AMG coaching puts an emphasis on teaching business owners how to better connect with their clients and how to build a solid team.

Client Reviews

Many clients are satisfied with AMG Coaching’s services. Based on client success stories and online reviews found on Google and Facebook, we can see how AMG Coaching has helped clients from all sorts of business backgrounds.

Grant, the owner of Quality Domes Direct, for example, said that his company has achieved business growth and specifically a 660% increase in income after working with AMG Coaching. Another company owner, Adam, wrote on Google Reviews that the marketing guidance from AMG Coaching has helped his company achieve an impressive turnover. Generally, business owners are impressed with how Jason and Johanna provide strategic planning and brand-building tips.

We Think Business

Wethink business logo on a white background.


If there is a business coaching service that offers the A to Z of developing and expanding a business to entrepreneurs around the Gold Coast, it is probably We Think Business. It is run by Natalie Sammons, a qualified CPA, and Amanda Pulford, a PGCert marketing expert.

These two realize that the ability to change, pivot, and adapt is more crucial than ever for a business. For this reason, they made the decision to pass on their professional knowledge to business owners, enabling entrepreneurs to become true leaders and grow the investments they make.

Overall, this business coaching service is here to help business owners who are stressed out, have run out of ideas, or have just lost their way. To do this, Natalie and Amanda educate their clients in three key areas: leadership and productivity, sales and marketing, and cash flow and profitability.

Industry Focus & Specialities

  • The founders of We Think Business have had more than 30 years of experience in owning and guiding businesses. Many of its clients come from fashion, consulting, and service industries.
  • The main focus of We Think Business is teaching business owners how to create a business that does not demand too much time, energy, and resources from them.
  • It also helps businesses in optimizing marketing efforts by teaching them how to avoid wasting time on leads that will not result in any profit.
  • Moreover, We Think Business helps business owners build a solid team that can become a company’s supporting arch by teaching them about the recruitment, retention, and culture aspects.

Client Reviews

From the available online reviews on Facebook and its own official website, we can see that many clients have achieved success after they work with We Think Business. Both Natalie and Amanda have received praise for their coaching approach and critical thinking skills.

An owner of a financing business, for example, reported that We Think Business has been very supportive and encouraging throughout their several years of collaboration. Other business owners, who have also worked with Natalie and Amanda, claimed that the two have to develop tailored business strategies for them and dedicated so much time to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions About Business Coaches In Gold Coast

The cost of hiring a business coach in the Gold Coast can vary depending on the services and experience offered. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 per hour up to $1,000 or more for a professional business coach. However, many coaches offer packages that include multiple sessions at discounted rates. For example, some coaches offer 10-session packages ranging from $600 to $2 ,000. Its quite varied in short.

So naturally we think it’s hard and thats why we created this page on our site! But if you wanted to do more research beyond the hours and hours of research we have already conducted on the best business coaches in Gold Coast we would suggest you the following. One way is to search online and look for businesses that specialize in providing coaching services. Look for reviews from previous clients to get an idea of the quality of work they do. Another option is to use a local networking group or online forum to find potential coaches in the area. You may also be able to find referrals from friends and colleagues who have used a business coach in the past.

Business coaches in Gold Coast can help business owners and entrepreneurs in a variety of ways. They can provide guidance on how to set up and manage your business, develop strategies for growth and creating a more profitable business, identify key areas of improvement, create competitive advantages, and understand the current market trends. Business coaches can also assist with creating a solid business plan that will outline your goals, objectives, competitive advantage, resources needed , and timeline. Some will also act like your business mentor. Additionally, they can help you work on your time management, organizational skills, communication strategies, and other areas of business management.

A high performance coach and a business coach are both professionals who help people reach their fullest potential. However, the focus of each type of coaching differs significantly.

High performance coaches specialize in helping individuals or teams reach peak performance. They use a variety of techniques to achieve this goal, including teaching proper technique, providing feedback and motivation, monitoring progress, designing an individualized plan for improvement, and focusing on the psychological factors that can affect performance.

Business coaches, on the other hand, focus more on helping business owners develop organizational and management strategies to achieve success. They are usually experienced or certified in areas such as human resources, finance, marketing, and operations. Their job is to help business owners create plans for improvement that are tailored to their individual businesses.

Typically, experienced coaches assess a business’s unique needs and challenges before tailoring their approaches accordingly. They may apply industry-specific knowledge and scalable strategies to address varied business sizes and sectors.

Generally, success stories or testimonials can be found on the coaches’ websites we have summarised for you in above. These stories provide insight into the coach’s approach and the tangible results achieved. From experience its always worth asking the coach when you interview them. Also download our free guide available here for more information on this topic.

Typically, business coaches might offer ongoing support, follow-up sessions, or resources to ensure sustained growth and to address future challenges. This can vary significantly among different coaches so its worth clarifying this when you speak to them.

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