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Why Use One Of Below 5 Business Coaches?

Your Small Business Coach has taken the leg-work out of helping small businesses find the best business coach services in Brisbane for them. We’ve done deep research for you including manual research, interviews, talking to clients and sourced some of the top small business coaches in Brisbane currently operating across a range of industry specialties, and listed them (in no particular order) below.

The following coaches all operate within the greater Brisbane area or nationwide with virtual services. Covering a broad range of industry niches; from manufacturing to tradies, female-operated businesses to sport – we’ve done the research, so you don’t have to.

This list of business coaches in Brisbane (in no particular order) brings together a selection of coaches with a substantial array of skills and testimonials, to help you find who you need to elevate your business.

Here they are: (Click To Jump To A Specific Coach)

Angela Henderson

Kristy Robinson

Donna Stone

Tony Meredith

Donna Hann

Angela Henderson

Angela Henderson Logo - A Top Business Coach In Brisbane


Angela Henderson Consulting launched in 2016, after Henderson, an award-winning small business owner and successful online influencer, kept getting asked for business advice by other small business owners. She says: “I’m on a mission to support 2,000 additional women in business by 2025, so they have access to the resources, tools, community and coaching they need to grow sustainable and profitable businesses.”

Henderson focuses her coaching approach on principles of authenticity, empowerment, community, results, growth and fun. She helps small business owners develop sustainable growth using her Success Model that covers sales and marketing, systems and processes, team and culture, mindset and education, accountability, services, clarity and values, strategy and goals, and community. Henderson was voted best on stage at the SuperFastBusiness and Heart-Centred Business conferences in 2019 and won an International Business Consulting Award in 2018.

Industry Focus & Specialities

  • Focuses on working with small and medium businesses, family-run business, builders and tradies.
  • No specified industry focus within coaching, but Henderson does state she is focused on supporting female-owned small businesses to succeed.
  • Utilises a GROW model of business coaching in Brisbane (Get clarity, Rev up revenue, Overcome obstacles, and Welcome systems and support) to help businesses grow sustainably.
  • Offers 1-2-1 small business coaching as well as an accelerator business coaching programme for groups.
  • Focus on community and connection to help support businesses network and grow.

Client Reviews

Henderson has been rated highly across all measure of her coaching business. Many clients speak about their initial 2-hour ‘clarity’ session with her and the excellent results achieved from such a short amount of time.

Henderson is praised for energy, down-to-earth and no-nonsense approach that enables business owners to get stuck straight into making lasting improvements and see results in productivity and profitability.

Kristy Robinson

Kristy Robinson, a Brisbane-based business coach, hosts a dynamic and informative podcast that provides invaluable insights and strategies for entrepreneurs seeking success.


Kristy Robinson is a business coach and consultant based in Brisbane. After encountering numerous frustrated, overworked, and overwhelmed business owners, she decided to embark on a career in business coaching. With over two decades of experience as a professional and a gourmet food shop owner, she uses her expertise to help other entrepreneurs overcome challenges and accomplish their goals.

Her clients are mostly solopreneurs and freelancers looking for a way to make their careers and businesses sustainable. As a business coach and consultant, she puts her focus on how to develop a strategy that is aligned with her client’s vision, mission, and values.

She states that her main goal is to help her clients streamline their operations, set up systems, and develop effective strategies. In addition, she wants to help her clients transform from being stressed-out workers for their businesses to becoming true owners of their own businesses where they can step outside the day-to-day.

Industry Focus & Specialities

• Kristy offers two kinds of 1 on 1 mentoring: a one-day business strategy session and a 6-month intensive coaching program. For the latter option, she will start her work by discovering blind spots and opportunities in the first month. After that, she will constantly guide the client to achieve their business aspirations.

• Kristy also offers a 16-week small group program she calls “Run Your Business Like A Boss Academy”. Here, entrepreneurs will be trained to make a business sustainable. Essentially, the program focuses on making a profitable and long-lasting business structure.

Client Reviews

Kristy is praised by her clients for her ability to build relationships and establish trust in them. She genuinely cares about the managers, marketers, and other entrepreneurs she works with and is always ready to provide them with the guidance they need. Further to this her clients are impressed with her ability to focus on the right things.

Kristy’s online reputation is supported even more by her extensive appearance on multiple podcast episodes. In addition to being a frequent guest on other podcasts (The Powerful Content Podcast, Rise Up In Business, etc.), she also hosts her own series called “Run Your Business Like A Boss,” which has received a 4.9 rating on Apple Podcasts.

Donna Stone

Donna Stone Logo - One Of Best Business Coaches based in brisbane


Donna Stone has over 30 years of experience working across various business markets and over 12 years offering business coaching in Brisbane through her own consultancy. Stone focuses on business growth and development coaching, new business start-up coaching and business mentoring.

Alongside her wealth of experience, Stone holds professional memberships with the Australian Institute of Management, the International Institute of Directors & Managers, the Institute of Learning Professionals and Redland City Chamber of Commerce. With an emphasis on success and results, Stone tailors her approach using a few different coaching methodologies to ensure she helps business owners achieve their goals. She says: “Results are a huge part of my focus when working with my business coaching clients. It’s more than talking; it’s affecting positive change.”

Industry Focus & Specialities

  • Focused on working with small business owners in Professional Services, Medical Services and those in the Construction Industry, especially Tradies.
  • Guiding business owners to make the best decisions in the setup and commencement of their new business.
  • Utilising the Coach Program to work with and support new business coaches, trainers and consultants in their businesses.
  • Full review and audit of your small business to make recommendations on online presence, sales processes, and financial reports.
  • Also provides specialist training covering marketing and social media, sales techniques, team planning, time management, productivity and financial fundamentals.

Client Reviews

Stone is highly praised for her knowledgeable and direct approach, helping small business owners better understand the unique priorities of building their business. Many also comment on her friendliness and creative ideas and how she really seeks to connect with business owners to understand them and their long term business goals.

Due to her experience and connections across industries, many cite her ability to network and connect their business with others as extremely valuable.

Tony Meredith Coaching

Tony Meredith Coaching - One Of Best Business Coaches in Brisbane


Tony Meredith Coaching is run by Tony Meredith, an experienced business coach based in Stones Corner, Brisbane. He has coached a good number of small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals not just in Brisbane, but in other regions of Australia as well.

He has helped business owners get a good start on their businesses, helping them actualize their vision and set their goals. Tony focuses on creating effective leaders that can lead a business and its people, he does not only provide coaching services on the business aspect but also helps train the mind and teaches it the right mindset to be an effective business owner and leader.

According to Tony, “In order to build a better business, you need to build a better you.”

Industry Focus & Specialities

  • Focuses on training the mindset and helping plan sales strategies
  • Specializes in one-on-one coaching sessions to address and work on specific skills and strategies that each individual client needs.
  • Supports online group sessions so clients of the same businesses can share their issues and provide solutions to help each other.
  • Creates tailored solutions and strategies that eliminate the problems most business owners face and allow them to grow and scale their business.
  • Participates in events as a keynote speaker to share his message and help your business thrive

Client Reviews

Tony Meredith Coaching has many reviews and testimonials from satisfied clients across their website, Facebook page, LinkedIn page, and the like, with clients praising him for his professionalism, uplifting personality and coaching prowess.
Clients have consistently remarked on Tony’s ability to keep them focused on their goals and teach them the mindset and strategies they need to achieve them. Many of his reviews praised him for his expertise and support in helping their business grow. 

What clients loved about Tony was not only his steadfast support but also his lack of hesitation to challenge their thinking while inspiring them to take the necessary action they need in order to grow.

Donna Hann

The word Donna Hann, a business coach based in Brisbane, on a white background.


Being somebody who has grown four successful businesses in regional Australia, Donna is a seasoned business coach in Brisbane who knows the Australian market well. She is a firm believer that anybody should be able to receive quality business education and support regardless of where their business is located.

Donna’s program, named Ready To Rise, teaches entrepreneurs the basic skills and methods for building a company that not only drives profit but creates the lifestyle they desire. This is a program for business owners who are tired of their current unproductive cycle and who want to take their business to new heights.

She also offers a one-on-one private coaching program for entrepreneurs who want to build a life and business by design. In this program, she aims to help her clients overcome their frustrations and confusion by visualizing their ideas, exploring different perspectives, and guiding them toward making their ideas a reality.

Industry Focus & Specialities

  • With more than a decade of experience as a successful business owner based in regional Australia, Donna teaches her clients how to successfully run a remote business.

  • Apart from being a good speaker and presenter, she also has a certificate in high-performance coaching and business strategy.

  • Through her Ready To Rise program, she not only teaches her clients how to build a successful company but more importantly, how to make their company saleable.

  • She also provides the Soaring to Success program, oriented more toward giving local businesswomen both practical assistance and a sense of support and community.

Client Reviews

Clients say that Donna is a great business and personal coach who provides them with invaluable insights and support. Her Ready to Rise program, specifically, has allowed them to niche down and focus more on their ideal clients. Donna is well-loved for her great personality and sheer professionalism from start to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions About Business Coaches In Brisbane

There is really no straight forward answer to this. Every business coach you may speak with could charge differently. The most common model is a monthly retainer fee with agreed inclusions which will likely be in the range of $500 – $2000 per month based on your needs. This is just a guide though and you should read this blog post we created for more context on how business coaches charge.  In short there are also flexible models and virtual course options which will be more cost effective. Make sure you clarify this up front when you talk to your matched coach.

If you have spoken to a few business coaches and feel the costs are beyond you at this point, here are some suggestions you could consider: 1) There are a tonne of free resources available for small businesses in Australia, the government have loads, we also have a section dedicated to productivity resources, money resources and marketing resources on our blog which is packed full of ideas to help you. Outside of this you could consider a group coaching option where you may team up with other business owners which is way more cost effective, or equally invest in a coaching course as a starting point.

Hopefully we have helped you shortlist a few coaches that are a match for you, before you commit to your coach it may be worthwhile considering the following: 1) Assess How Ready You Are – are you ready to be coached, will you listen to the reccomendations and make changes, if you are not ready and not willing to make change it will defeat the purpose. 2) Be Clear On Your Expectations – make sure you allign with your preferred business coach in Brisbane on your expectations, what they will be doing, what they expect you to do. This will help avoid surprises and investing time and money into something that will not meet your expectations or the coaches for that matter. 3) Evaluate The Coaches Credentials – ensuring that your coach has the relevant experience in your chosen business category is important. We provide greater granularity in our business coach directory into what categories a specific business coach focusses on. Also evidence of providing value and customer satisfaction all equally important.

Absolutely! A business coach can assist you in developing your leadership skills and improving your leadership capabilities. They can provide you with tailored advice and feedback, helping to bring out the best in you and identify areas of improvement. A business coach can also help you set goals that align with your values and objectives, encouraging you to take on challenges and expand your knowledge base. With the right guidance, a business coach can act as an invaluable resource in honing your leadership abilities, enabling you to become an effective leader who inspires growth both within yourself and those around you.

A business coach in Brisbane can help you understand and navigate local regulations and compliance issues by leveraging their knowledge of the specific legal and regulatory environment in Queensland. They can provide guidance on necessary permits, licenses, and industry-specific regulations to ensure your business operates within legal boundaries. Additionally, they can connect you with local legal experts and resources for more specialised assistance.

Okay, What Next?

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