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Why Use One Of The Below 5 Business Coaches?

Your Small Business Coach has taken the leg-work out of helping small businesses find the best business coach for them. We’ve done deep research for you including manual research, interviews, talking to clients and sourced some of the top small business coaches in Melbourne currently operating across a range of industry specialties, and listed them (in no particular order) below. Looking for a business coach in Melbourne to help you navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship? Look no further! Our small business coaching services in Melbourne are tailored to meet your specific needs and goals.

If you’re a small business owner in Melbourne looking for guidance and support, a small business coach could be just what you need. A small business coach in Melbourne can provide personalised advice and strategies to help you grow and succeed. Whether you’re struggling with marketing, operations, or leadership, a small business coach can offer valuable insights and practical solutions. With the right coach by your side, you can take your business to the next level and achieve your goals. 

The following coaches all operate within the greater Melbourne area or nationwide with virtual offerings. Covering a broad range of industry niches; from manufacturing to tradies, business services and finance to health and wellbeing – we’ve done in-depth research, so you don’t have to.

This list (in no particular order) brings together a selection of business coaching options in Melbourne with a substantial array of skills, experience and credentials to help you find who you need to elevate your business.

Here they are: (Click To Jump To A Specific Coach)

Coach Nick

Creative Entrepreneur

Evolve To Grow

Cindy J Drake

Tenfold Business Coaching

Coach Nick

Coach Nick Logo - Top Business Coach In Melbourne


Nick Ikonomou (or Coach Nick as he is often referred to) has been coaching small businesses since 1999 and to date helped over 400 small to medium businesses. Using his experience as a business adviser, Ikonomou tailors his approach to help business owners meet their specific business goals.

Through a tried and tested process of defining the business vision, implementing critical systems and strategies, and structured mentoring – Nick Ikonomou aims to build sustainable and profitable results for those he works with. Nick defines a successful business as a “commercial, profitable enterprise that will continue to work even without you”.

As well as a professional business coach in Melbourne, Nick is a qualified accountant with a Bachelor of Business in Accounting and a CPA. He says his number one purpose is “helping business owners as a mentor to make them great and create a flow-on effect as a result of their success.”

Industry Focus & Specialities

  • Focuses on working with small businesses within the retail, industries and wholesale trades but has a comprehensive list of other coaching industries including hospitality, trades, business services, franchisees, and agriculture.
  • Creates tailored services designed to meet the specific needs of business goals by helping owners clarify business vision and objectives, and then implementing critical systems, strategies and tactics required to achieve them.
  • Offers a full range of coaching areas including team training on sales, team building, or customer service fully customised to your industry, recruitment assistance and workshops.
  • Offers coaching accountability and mentoring with unlimited phone and email support.

Client Reviews

Nick Ikonomou has been reviewed widely across several platforms, and in-depth testimonials on his website speak to his thorough and authoritative approach that delivers results.

He is also praised for his easy-going communication style, that helps business owners feel listened to and respected, while also ensuring that strategies are heard and implemented for success.

Creative Entrepreneur

Logo of Creative Entrepreneur Business Coach


Established by Federico Re in 2007, Creative Entrepreneur™ has evolved to become a place where creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial stewardship are pushed to the limit. The business coaching institute has also conducted sessions throughout the country, from Melbourne to Brisbane to the Gold Coast.
Backed by 25 years of real-world entrepreneurial experience of its founder, Creative Entrepreneur™ has achieved outstanding and commercially viable results for its clientele. This is mostly thanks to Federico Re’s ability to motivate and transform his clients into thriving and high-performing people.
Federico offers personalized 1-on-1 business mentoring to his clients, with each program tailored to their particular needs. By taking into account each client’s unique circumstances, he is able to provide tailored guidance that maximises their potential.

Industry Focus & Specialities

• Creative Entrepreneur™ offers a 30-Minute Quick Coaching program. If you don’t want to spend several hours of your day talking to your business coach, then this program is for you.

• This program is intended specifically for busy business professionals who are in need of immediate expert advice to help solve their problems. Fast and effective, this program will connect you with Federico via a phone call whenever you need.

• Creative Entrepreneur™ also offers a program that is specifically designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs kickstart their businesses. This is an interactive 4-week program that includes brainstorming, refinement, and final review sessions.

• Participants of this program will get business mentoring, coaching, and advisory all under one package. The goal of this program is to provide beginning entrepreneurs with the right support, guidance, and encouragement.

Client Reviews

Creative Entrepreneur™ clearly gains an advantage by having Federico Re as its founder, especially when it comes to online reputation. Federico has more than 11,000 followers on the business professional’s platform LinkedIn. 

We can also see clients’ success stories on the Creative Entrepreneur™ website. Many of them, which include digital marketers, fashion designers, mumprenerus, and many more, reported that they are impressed by Federico’s mentoring skills. He has helped them in developing their businesses through his encouragement and guidance.

Evolve To Grow

Evolve To Grow Logo - Business Coach In Melbourne


Established by Tristan Wright after he went through the highs and lows of running his own business, Evolve to Grow aims to help small businesses understand and establish themselves across all measures of success.

Dubbed the ‘Business Sherpa’, Wright’s ethos focuses on creating a ‘birds-eye-view’ of your business and evaluating brand, strategy, operations, finances, people and marketing. Wright works with businesses who’ve started to experience growth and are now asking themselves ‘what’s next?’ to help them establish what Wright calls their “Ultimate Objective”.

Industry Focus & Specialities

  • Works across multiple industries, focusing on small businesses at the ‘what’s next’ phase of running their company.
  • Focused on supporting small business to develop an effective strategy and uncover their Ultimate Objective.
  • Supports creating a robust business plan for achieving business goals through analysing research and market data.
  • Assists with implementation and evaluating of strategy to ensure businesses stay on track.
  • Range of resources available via their website including a podcast and specialised, downloadable workbooks.

Client Reviews

Evolve to Grow has been reviewed positively across multiple platforms, and there are several in-depth case studies with client interviews on their website. All clients speak positively of Wright’s friendliness and professionalism, with many citing he has gone beyond a coach and become a friend.

Wright is rated highly for his ability to ‘get stuck in’ and identify client pain points, offering straight forward and immediately actionable advice on how to get back on track. Clients sight his advice as giving them confidence, increased opportunities and less stress with running their business.

Cindy J Drake

Cindy J Drake Logo - Business Coach In Melbourne


Cindy Drake established her coaching business in 2016 and focuses on supporting small, medium and family-run businesses, to better their business and life through proven growth strategies. She says: “By keeping the process simple and real, clients who once thought they’d be on the treadmill of life or suffering from insomnia and poor health forever due to their business, have been able to turn their businesses and personal lives around.”

Cindy, a trained Accountant, works closely with Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to implement aspects of proven strategies and frameworks. This includes support for the owner through business coaching and mentoring, business strategies for growth based on proven lived experiences, building teams from her own 20+ years of experience, to ensure profitability and productivity. Cindy is a professional member of the International Coaching Federation and a Board Member for AUS NZ Croatian Women in Leadership.

Industry Focus & Specialities

  • Focuses on working with small and medium businesses, family-run business, allied health, builders and tradies.
  • Utilises an international framework to help businesses improve cash flow, reduce financial stress, increase sales and boost profitability.
  • Supports creation and implementation of business planning, strategy and systems to create a clear future business plan.
  • Leadership and team development, as well as communication, to create effective teams.
  • Sales training for teams to help boost productivity.

Client Reviews

Cindy is highly rated by her clients in testimonials for her professional, knowledgeable and down-to-earth approach and her ability to create a strong sense of accountability for business owners. Several clients attest to her support, helping them move from surviving to thriving with their business and reaping back their time to create more balance in life, while still running a successful business.

Clients also praise Cindy for her coaching expertise in bringing teams together and developing systems and processes that drive effectiveness across all business levels.

Tenfold Business Coaching

Tenfold Business Coaching Logo - One Of The Top Business Coaches In Melbourne


Tenfold Business Coaching is run by a team of experienced individuals who are passionate about helping their clients boost their businesses. Based in Melbourne, Tenfold works to guide business owners in planning business strategies and coaching them on how to prioritize and take the right actions.

With 17 years of experience, the mentors and coaches at Tenfold are focused on helping their clients come up with business strategies so they can maximize their profits and be ahead of their competitors. Tenfold Coaching takes the time to understand what’s really holding your business back then customizes an action plan to get clients where they want. Tenfold Coaching offers proven strategies that show real results.

The professional coaches at Tenfold Coaching help you smash through any roadblocks preventing your business from success and show you the clarity, direction and tactics you need in order to move forward.

Industry Focus & Specialities

  • Specializes in one-on-one coaching to help clients formulate a strategy that complements their business structure.
  • Supports any business from any industry to reach its goals of increased cash flow, profit and business growth.
  • Hosts strategy sessions so the key areas of your business are given the attention it needs.
  • Offers customised coaching programs that are tailored to help your business reach its objectives

Client Reviews

Tenfold Coaching has helped many businesses in Melbourne grow and the feedback is mostly positive, with clients praising their professionalism and expertise.

Clients comment on the quality of Tenfold Coaching’s methods and strategies, and how these have taught them to look at their businesses differently and prioritize what needs to be put first.

Several clients had pointed out that accountability was necessary for them to keep looking ahead, and Tenfold Coaching helped them check all the boxes and make small steps in the right direction. Tenfold Coaching has also helped them achieve better visibility of their businesses, consistency, and a high performing team.

Frequently Asked Questions About Business Coaches In Melbourne

There is not necessarily a straight forward answer to this question. Our site solves for matching a coach with your specific business needs. Once we introduce the coaches who we think are a match we encourage you to speak to each coach and see which ones fits your personality and way you like to lear. Each coach may differ in coaching style and you may respond better or feel a connection with a specific coach over another.

If you have chosen a business coach in Melbourne then a basic expectation would be a monthly meeting to check in on results and progress and review challenges. If you are facing a business crisis you may need to meet more frequently as often as weekly or bi-weekly. Ultimately it will come down to your situation and goals and expectations. Make sure that you communicate upfront or seek clarity on how often you can meet with your coach before signing any contract with them.

Technically you don’t need any specific qualifications to become a business coach, but having relevant experience and qualifications can help you establish credibility and expertise in the field. Many business coaches in Australia have a background in business, management, finance, or entrepreneurship. Some coaches have completed advanced degrees like an MBA, while others have professional certifications or training in coaching, leadership, or organizational development.

When it comes to performance, a business coach in Melbourne will look at all aspects of your business. They’ll work with you to help you reach your peak performance level and maximize the potential for success. This can include analysing personal performance, staff performance, bottom line performance and financial performance. All these elements are essential for setting up your business for long-term growth and stability. Your business coach will help you create strategies that target each of these areas to ensure you are meeting your goals and objectives. They’ll also provide valuable support, guidance and accountability so you stay on track and make progress towards achieving success.

A business coach can help you overcome a range of issues in your business, whether it be staffing issues, marketing problems with your target audience or operational issues. They will offer tailored solutions to fit your individual needs and provide you with accountability and guidance when needed. They can provide you with the resources, strategies and advice needed to help you reach your goals and objectives. They’ll also help you build a positive team culture and develop effective communication processes that ensure everyone is on the same page. Ultimately, they have the experience and knowledge to help you go further than where you are now and make sure that your business is successful in the long run.t

When it comes to deciding what you ask from your accountant vs your business coach, the most important thing is understanding the differences between the two. An accountant will typically work with you on the financial side of your business, focusing on preparing budgets and forecasts, filing taxes, and other accounting related tasks. On the other hand, a business coach can help you with more than just keeping your books in order. They are experts at helping business owners develop strategies for success and growth. A business coach works with you to set goals and objectives, identify areas of improvement and provide accountability and guidance throughout the process.

For example, an accountant will be able to give you advice on how to better manage your revenue, annual revenue, and costs to revenue. They can also provide guidance on the best ways to increase your minimum revenue. A business coach is more tailored in their approach, looking at the bigger picture of your business and helping you create strategies that will really help take it to the next level.

To evaluate the success rate or effectiveness of business coaches in Melbourne, prospective clients can request client testimonials, case studies, or success metrics directly from the coaches. Usually, coaches will showcase these on their websites or provide them upon request to demonstrate their impact. To learn more enquire via above button for your respective coach.

Prospective clients can enquire via the above buttons with the desired coach to ask about their areas of specialisation and experience. Coaches often focus on specific industries or challenges, which should align with the business owner’s sector and needs.

The duration and structure of coaching programs can vary significantly. Prospective clients should discuss with the coaches to understand the length, format, and flexibility of their programs to ensure they meet their needs and schedules.

A business coach in Melbourne can connect you with various local resources and networks such as industry-specific associations, local business chambers, networking groups, and government-funded business support programs. These connections can provide valuable insights, support, and opportunities for collaboration and growth within the local business community. Engaging with these resources can help you stay informed about local market trends, regulations, and opportunities that are specific to Melbourne.

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