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Your Small Business Coach – Find A Coach service has taken the leg-work out of helping SMBs find the best small business coaches in Sydney for them. We’ve done deep research for you including manual research, interviews, talking to clients and sourced some of the top small business coaches in Sydney currently operating across a range of industry specialties, and listed them (in no particular order) below.

A business coach in Sydney should be able to provide local expertise. They may have a network of contacts that can help you find resources, partners and customers. Small business coaches in Sydney will be able to provide tailored support and help you build a plan to hit your business goals and overcome your challenges. Finally business coaching services in Sydney should provide insights that allow you to stay competitive and adapt to changes in the market.

The following coaches all operate within the greater Sydney area and in many cases nationwide for their virtual services. We’ve covered a broad range of industry niches; from architecture to tradies, business and finance to health and wellbeing. We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to, bringing together a selection of coaches with a substantial array of skills and testimonials, to help you find what you need and elevate your business.

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Business Coach Mark

Evan Goodman

Small Fish Business Coaching

Christine Beard

Brook McCarthy

Business Coach Mark

Business Coach Mark Logo - Top Business Coach In Sydney


Business Coach Mark is run by Mark Vischschoonmaker, one of Sydney’s most experienced business coaches. Since 2007, he has been coaching small business owners and helping their businesses grow, diversify and adapt.

He crafts a one-on-one coaching method with his clients to unlock the full potential of their business and produce impactful results. Without using a cookie-cutter approach or outsourcing his coaching, Business Coach Mark can get clients where they want to be in the business landscape.

Whether you already run a profitable business but want it to have more flexibility or if you want to improve your business and want to make more money but are not sure where to start, Mark will guide you every step of the way, no matter where you are at in your business journey. Together, you can unlock the potential of your business and allow it to soar to greater heights.

Industry Focus & Specialities

  • Focuses on coaching and mentoring small to medium sized businesses.
  • Specialises in business who are looking to scale-up or looking to get an established business back on track.
  • Helps fine-tune operations so the business is ready for a potential sale if desired
  • Specialises in one-on-one coaching and offering the necessary support the business owner needs to succeed.
  • Uses a proven system to improve time management, profitability, team, clarity & focus.

Client Reviews

Business Coach Mark has received many reviews and testimonials across his website and his Google Business page. Clients have specifically pointed out Mark’s authenticity and the lack of a cookie-cutter approach that makes him stand out from customers.
Clients have also commented on Mark’s ability to keep them grounded and focused on the bigger picture. Many of his clients have nothing but praise for his coaching expertise and his prowess in the business landscape.

Clients appreciate the unbiased perspective that Mark offers, allowing them to address the issues in their businesses and work through the changes. One other thing they also appreciate is how Mark provides them with a framework to help them implement their plans for their businesses and ensure accountability through it all.

Evan Goodman

Evan Goodman Logo - One Of the best business coaches in sydney


With over 30 years of experience as a successful small business owner himself, Goodman has successfully developed and sold three separate businesses. Since 2009, he has been working as a coach and mentor with small and medium organisations to help
share the lessons he learnt along the way and support them to manage and overcome core small business challenges.

Goodman holds a Masters of Business Coaching (MBC) degree from Wollongong University, Sydney Business School and is a registered member of the Association for Coaching. Goodman advises this gives him a “unique blend of experience,
expertise and coaching best practice for my clients.”

Industry Focus & Specialities

  • Anticipating, planning for and effectively overcoming the significant challenges faced by businesses during their growth stages.
  • Experience integrating social media with ‘bricks & mortar’ businesses.
  • Understanding how to formulate, implement, measure and leverage strategies to drive sustainable business growth.
  • Understanding the complexities of family businesses and inter-generational succession.
  • Offers in-person coaching and a no-obligation initial chat to help you make a decision.

Client Reviews

As an experienced business coach Goodman has a range of positive reviews, from past and current clients, and is highly rated for his professionalism, quality and value.

Many clients who have reviewed working with Goodman, state that he has a strong breadth of knowledge across different business facets. This allows for a tailored approach, assisting clients in getting their core business foundations
in place and building from there.

On top of his business knowledge, Goodman is regularly complimented for his easy-going and nurturing approach – many clients cite his genuineness to get to know them and their business and help them succeed.

Small Fish Business Coaching

Small Fish Business Coaching Logo - Jon dale owns this business and is a top business coach


Small Fish Business Coaching Sydney is owned and operated by Jon Dale and his team of three. It’s been around since 2006, with Dale advising he works exclusively as a coach for trades businesses.

Small Fish Business Coaching Sydney has a strong ethos around playing to your strengths and outsourcing everything else. Dale advises “I like people and I like helping” and that’s the strength he plays to. Offering a straight-forward,
no-nonsense approach, Dale is upfront and clear about what to expect, what you’ll get and how much it’ll cost.

Industry Focus & Specialities

  • Specialises on small business coaching for trades businesses called ‘The Tradies Toolbox Coaching Program’.
  • Focused on helping tradies develop their business in three core areas: marketing strategy (to find customers), sales strategy (to win customers) and operations strategy (to make sure everything’s working).
  • Offers fortnightly online business coaching services via Zoom and digital communication for ease and flexibility.
  • Free 10 minute conversation, followed by a one-hour strategy conversation to decide if it’s right for you.

Client Reviews

Small Fish Business Coaching has been reviewed positively across multiple platforms, including Google and Facebook, for professionalism and quality.

Many clients speak to Dale’s ability to provide a clear structure that equates to strong business growth and results – often ahead of planned timeframes. Other factors that stand out from the client reviews are the toolkit Dale has
developed to help support small businesses better understand their growth areas, and the practical resources to help them achieve the growth they want. Dale is consistently praised for his straightforward approach to coaching that
achieves results.

Christine Beard

Hire a business coach in Sydney to achieve the success you want.


Being a Marshall Goldsmith Executive Coach, Christine Beard brings her real-world knowledge and expertise to her coaching sessions. She helps people uncover their business potential by showing them the bigger picture and what issues need to be resolved in their organizations.
She previously worked as a lawyer in the United Kingdom, and when she moved to Sydney, she discovered her entrepreneurial spirit. And, she did not stop there! She decided to become a business and executive coach, giving other entrepreneurs her objective guidance to help take their businesses to a new level.

What makes Christine Beard unique is that, unlike other executive coaches that focus on bigger companies, she chose to put her attention to small and medium businesses. Christine also offers her customers a trial period. This policy is a month-to-month agreement that will only last as long as the client recognizes the value of her service.

Industry Focus & Specialities

 • Ongoing Small and Medium Businesses. Christine prefers to collaborate with an existing team in a small or medium-sized business. Her focus is on how to improve team collaboration in order to improve business performance and work output.

• Problem-Solving Strategies. Christine separates herself from her competitor through her ability to devise problem-solving tactics. She speaks plainly and promises to get to the root of the issue quickly and effectively.

Client Reviews

Christine Beard has earned numerous positive online reviews. Many of her clients, including legal experts, startup C-levels, and long-term business owners, have given her coaching service five stars and left positive feedback across multiple platforms.

Clients generally speak positively about Christine’s ability to guide them along with their teams so that they can identify the things that need to be evaluated in their businesses. Several clients have also praised her for how she has helped them to see the issues they are facing from a new perspective.
More importantly, Christine is highly regarded for her innovative thinking and ability to push her clients beyond their comfort zone, according to reviews. Many clients have praised her coaching style, particularly because she can provide guidance from the perspective of a female entrepreneur.

Brook McCarthy

Brook McCarthy is a highly experienced business coach based in Sydney. With her expertise, she can help magnify your impact and drive success in your business.


Brook is a Sydney-based business coach with experience in digital marketing and online communications. For 15 years, she has been helping small enterprises with effective methods of driving sales and brand awareness, including PR, SEO, web design, copywriting, digital strategy, and community maintenance.

Brook is a marketing expert and facilitator who focuses on helping companies be seen, heard, and trusted. She has worked with countless professionals and industries over the years, and she has also built and run her own social media accounts and promotional campaigns. All in all, she has the experience and the knowledge to help businesses to dominate the digital landscape.

She can tailor her coaching to your specific needs and circumstances, whether you want to be hands-on or hands-off with your marketing. She works closely with clients, especially with small business owners and sole traders in the health and creative sectors.

Industry Focus & Specialities

  • Brook serves a diverse range of companies, but her areas of expertise are in the creative and health industries, especially service-oriented companies.

  • She teaches her clients about what she calls Magnetic Marketing, which allows business owners to listen to what their audience really wants and figure out how to address it.

  • Utilizing her background in Public Relations, Brook also specializes in teaching her clients about Personal Branding, which helps entrepreneurs bring their businesses in front of a broader audience.

  • Ultimately, she also helps her clients understand and monitor their key business metrics using data. This allows them to gain powerful insights and hone their decision-making abilities.

Client Reviews

Brook McCarthy is known to be a brilliant business coach who has the ability to combine online marketing skills with persuasive approaches. She helps clients find their voice and values and express them online, and her programs are life-changing for clients’ both personal and business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Business Coaches In Sydney

It will depend but here is a selection of questions to ask your preferred business coach before hiring them:

How do you typically work with clients? What is your coaching style?

Can you share some examples of how you have helped other small businesses similar to mine?

How do you measure progress and success?

How long do you typically work with clients?

Tell me your fee structure, do you require a contract?

Can you provide references from other small business owners you have worked with?

How do you maintain confidentiality and ensure the privacy of my information?

Can you share expectations of working with you?

This is a personal decision and no one can advise you definitively on this one. It’s important to evaluate your financial situation and assess whether you can afford to hire a business coach. It’s also important to find a coach whose fees align with your budget, as well as someone who has a track record of helping businesses like yours succeed. Ultimately, the decision to hire a business coach should be based on whether you feel it’s a worthwhile investment that will lead to the growth and profitability of your business.

1) Directive Coaching: In this approach the business coach provides clear guidance, suggestions, and recommendations to the client. The coach takes charge and provides instructions to the client to help them achieve their goals. This approach is best suited for clients who are looking for a structured and results-oriented approach.

2) Non-Directive Coaching: In this approach, the coach acts as a facilitator and allows the client to lead the conversation. The coach uses open-ended questions to help the client explore their thoughts and find solutions to their problems. This approach is best suited for clients who are looking for a more investigative and exploratory style.

3) Collaborative Coaching: In this approach, the coach works closely with the client and involves them in the coaching process. The coach provides guidance and support, but also encourages the client to take ownership of their development and progress. This style is best suited for clients who want to have a more involved role in the coaching process and want to work in partnership with their coach to achieve their goals.

It’s worth mentioning a business coach may combine any of the above styles. Its worth thinking which style will suit you best based on your history of working with other coaches.

A business coach typically provides guidance on specific skills or strategies, while a business mentor offers more general advice and support based on their own experiences. Business mentoring is often seen as a complimentary but different service to coaching.

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