Tradie Business Coach – Is It Right For Your Business?

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Many tradies dream of owning their business once they have mastered their craft. However, although the idea of becoming your own boss is great, there’s more to running a business than just being an expert at what you do.

Sure, being an expert electrician, builder, and plumber will ensure that the quality of service that your business has to offer is top-tier. However, as a business owner, you’ll also have to deal with accounting, human resources, and other tasks needed for day-to-day operation and to say that all these can be overwhelming is an understatement.

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The good news is that there are people whose main job is to help tradies run and grow their business; a tradie business coach. Their main responsibility is to provide tradie business owners guidance and knowledge on how to operate their business.

However, in order to get the benefits of a tradie business coach, it’s important to hire the right person for the job. But, how exactly can you do that? Find out here.

How Can A Tradie Business Coach Help?

Tradie businesses makes up 30% of the workforce in Australia. This goes to show the demand for these types of services is increasing. However, what exactly can a tradie coach have to offer you?

The main benefit of a tradie business coach is that they’ll help you transition from being a skilled worker into a boss. This includes providing you with guidance on the things you’ll need to do for your business to grow. They’ll also offer advice and help you figure out the best business decisions.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring A Tradie Coach

The average cost of hiring a business coach is between $85 and $175 per hour. Given that their fees are expensive, hiring the right person for the job is crucial to get its benefits. To do that, you should avoid these pitfalls:

  • Hiring Someone with the Wrong Expertise

You’ll not get the best results if you hire a builders business coach, but you are running an electrical business. This is because builders’ and electrical businesses have different processes and nuances that must be considered.

No matter how good a business coach is, they might not be able to offer the best possible advice to an electrical business owner.

  • Lack of Due Diligence

Many coaches market themselves as having specific experience in a certain niche / service. Some of the people’s claims might be true, but if you simply believe what they have to say, you might end up disappointed. This is why it’s highly recommended to ask for their success portfolio.

A success portfolio contains a list of previous clients that they have helped in the past. Checking online reviews about what other people have to say about them as a tradie coach will also be helpful. If possible, check third-party review websites for lesser bias.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can call or email their previous clients and ask them to share their experience working with the trades business coach that you’ll be hiring. This will help confirm whether their claims are true or if they are exaggerating this success rate.

  • Hiring the First Person You Meet

Rushing the hiring process might cause you to hire the wrong person. At the same time, it will not give you enough time to decide whether the coach that you are considering is a good fit.

Therefore, when hiring a trades business coach, you must have a clearly defined selection criteria. Be clear with the skills, experience, and traits you are looking for from the trades business coach you are looking to hire. Some of the criteria that you need to define include:

  1. Areas of Expertise
  2. Experience
  3. Availability
  4. Flexibility
  5. Resources
  6. Cost
  • Unclear Outcomes

What are you looking to achieve when hiring a tradie business coach? Do you want to improve your internal process or grow sales?

Defining the outcomes that you expect to get from availing of business coaching services is essential because these are what you use as success metrics. At the same time, clearly defining outcomes makes it easy for business coaches to provide you with the right advice and help.

Trade Business Types Suited for A Coach

Any trade and services business can benefit from a coach. However, trade businesses that are run by tradesmen turned business owners will benefit the most from it.

A tradesman might be very good at what they do, but running a business is a very different ball game. As a business owner, you should not only be an expert in providing the service, but you should also know how to handle the financial aspect of your business. At the same time, you also need to deal with human resource management, customer service, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a business coach do?

A business coach is someone who will assist and guide owners in running a business by helping them have a clear business vision and how it fits into their personal goals. They help business owners and businesses reach success and gain more growth opportunities.

What is the average cost of a business coach?

The average cost of hiring a business coach ranges from $85 to $170 per hour. The cost of hiring one differs depending on your location and the coach’s level of expertise and experience.

Want to find the best business coach?

Are you a business owner who is struggling to grow and looking for expert advice? We can help find the best business coaches matched to your specific needs. Click below and fill out the form and we will be in touch!

Is hiring a business coach worth it for tradie?

Hiring a business coach is worth it because they can help you make better-informed decisions that will propel your company to success. They can also advise you against costly mistakes that newbie trade business owners make.

Bottom Line

Hiring a business coach indeed has a lot of benefits. They help you navigate the highs and lows of running a tradie business.

However, to get the benefits that a trades business coaching has to offer, you have to make sure that you are hiring the right person for the job. If not, you’ll just be wasting time, money, and effort.

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