Business Coaching For Financial Advisors – How To Choose?

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As a financial advisor in Australia in 2023, you coach and guide your clients to create investment portfolios and other financial planning services. However, to improve your skill and take your business to the next level, enrolling in a business coaching program for financial advisors is well worth considering.

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You will need to find the right financial business coach for your needs, business model and goals however to get the best results. To help you with this, we have compiled this guide with key information on business coaching for financial advisors.

How Business Coaches For Financial Advisors Can Work Well

Your job as an advisor is critical in helping your clients in meeting their financial goals. Therefore, to help improve your financial advisory, you may need a finance advisor business coach with analytical skills to understand your strengths and weaknesses.

According to statistics, a business coach can help you improve your profit margin by an average of 46%. Regardless, one recent report shows that there are still 42% of businesses out there that have not considered using a business coach.

This is most likely because it is believed that an advisor is only useful when people don’t know how to run their company – kinda obvious I know. What those businesses may not understand however, is that working with the right financial adviser or business coach can help them improve their weak points.

Want to find the best business coach?

Are you a business owner who is struggling to grow and looking for expert advice? We can help find the best business coaches matched to your specific needs. Click below and fill out the form and we will be in touch!

In a time when anyone may claim to be the best finance advisor in town, you should know how to stand out from the crowd and make the best impression. A business coach for financial advisors will take you through proper training to enhance your communication skills, marketing abilities, problem-solving abilities, client mangament and much more.

In addition, the best coaching approach will not only address the areas you need to improve but also helps you in terms of investment planning, client management, time management, and many more. And, more importantly, a business coach should be genuinely interested in you the business owner success.

The coaching programs can usually be done using several mediums, including in-person, online, or hybrid. Each approach has pros and cons, and the best one will depend on your preference.

After understanding your needs and goals, the coach will develop a strategic plan to help your business rather than just focusing on its accomplishments. Ultimately, the coach should help you grow your client base with effective business strategies.

Infographic On Performance Coaching For Financial Advisors

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Infographic of how a financial advisor can find a business coach in australia

Review of Finance Advisor Business Coaching Services In Australia

So with that all said, we took some time to review the best business coaching options for finance advisors in Australia currently. We came up with the following list – hope you find it useful.


affinia financial advisor coach

Affinia Financial Advisers is a licensed service that partners with advisors to ensure they offer quality advisory services to clients. The company is focused on empowering financial advisors to ensure they provide the best possible support for Australians.

They have some of the best finance business consultants in the market that are knowledgeable in the industry. Each financial planning coach has a wealth of experience necessary to help your business find new opportunities that will result in growth and take it to the next level.

Go to the company’s website and you will see some of the finest names in the world of financial business advisor coaching. Marcus O’Sullivan, the company’s head, for example, has previously held executive roles in many giant enterprises. With names like this one on board, Affinia should be able to provide a reliable coaching service for any financial advisor business owner.

Furthermore, Affinia offers its clients a wide range of services, including mentoring, training, and support. To help you get the best possible results in your business, the company first assesses your needs. They then develop a strategic plan customized for your specific needs and objectives.

Affinia believes in collaboration with the community to drive value with their business coaching for financial advisors services. They also tackle many other useful services, including Estate Planning, Superannuation & Retirement, Personal Risk Insurance, Social Security, Aged Care, and Investing.


audere logo

Whether you are a finance advisor, broker, or accountant looking to improve your business, Audere may be worth looking at. This business consultant company aims to help financial advisors improve their new client meeting outcomes and manage the challenges that they may encounter.

Audere leverages its extensive experience in the industry to offer a well-detailed and on-demand curriculum tailored to meet the needs of financial advisors. The 9-curriculum comprises onboarding, new clients, team, productivity, experience, pricing offers, and systems.

What’s more, there are three financial advisor coaching programs. This includes;

  1. The Leverage Advice Firm
  2. Leveraged Online,
  3. Leveraged Fast Track

The first option is excellent if you as the business owner prefer a hands-on coaching experience. It is best designed for businesses that have already earned stable profitability and are open to new thinking and more growth.

Want to find the best business coach?

Are you a business owner who is struggling to grow and looking for expert advice? We can help find the best business coaches matched to your specific needs. Click below and fill out the form and we will be in touch!

The Leveraged Online program offers a financial planning business coach to help unlock your full potential. It features on-demand training with more than 100 videos covering a plethora of topics.

To help financial advisors achieve their goals, this program is supported by more than 500 visual tools, templates, worksheets, and process maps for easier implementation. Included in the program is a Fast Track monthly training.

Lastly, Leveraged Fast Track gives clients access to implementation plans, making it a great choice for when you want to do more. With this program, you will learn how to implement strategies to boost your profit margins and reduce overload. Your business will most likely grow by delivering the most value to clients.

With Audere, you will get a program tailored to your needs as a financial advisor. Once you tell them your business goals and business plan, you will be paired with a certified coach to give you the desired results.

Elixir Consulting

Elixir Consulting Logo

Established in 2007, Elixir Consulting has helped many business owners, including financial advisors, build their brands and grow their success. The company boasts a team of specialist business coaches who aim to help clients maneuver and thrive in the financial advice landscape.

They offer you a business coach for financial advisors via services like coaching support, business analysis workshops, and speaking services. With the business analysis tool, you will have the opportunity to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your businesses, so you know what needs to be improved. The best thing is that this business analysis tool is free.

Other amazing resources to take advantage of include the free Evolve live webinar and the Evolve alliance portal. They also offer bespoke and targeted business coaching for financial advisors to meet specific business needs and create a successful business. This is particularly useful if you need to tackle specific issues and challenges.


What is financial advisor coaching?

Financial advisor coaching is a type of business coaching that provides financial advisors with the tools and guidance to help improve their skills, learn how to increase profitability, and develop better client relationships. Business coaches will provide advice on topics like managing clients more effectively, improving marketing strategies, increasing client satisfaction, and overall goal setting. They can also provide guidance on building systems in order to scale up your business. Ultimately, business coaches can help financial advisors become more successful in their field by providing them with the resources and support they need to reach their goals.

What is the difference between a financial coach and financial advisor?

A financial advisor is a trained professional who offers advice and guidance to individuals and businesses on the management of their finances. Financial advisors provide a wide range of services to their clients, including assistance with investments, retirement planning, estate planning, insurance needs, taxes, and college savings plans. A financial coach is a professional who offers advice and guidance on improving financial decision-making. Their services involve assisting clients in developing budgeting and money-saving strategies. Additionally, they offer assistance in establishing attainable objectives and constructing a plan of action to reach them. A financial coach has the ability to assist clients in recognizing their weaknesses and opportunities for growth.

What is the role of a financial coach?

The role of a financial coach is to help you improve your financial decision-making and develop strategies that will put you in control of your money. Financial coaches provide guidance on budgeting, creating and meeting financial objectives, and building long-term wealth. They’re focused on helping clients identify their strengths and weaknesses so they can make more informed decisions about their finances.

Financial coaches work with clients to create action plans to help them reach their goals, while motivating them to stay on track. They can also offer advice on investing, retirement planning, estate planning, taxes, and college savings plans. Ultimately, their goal is to help clients take control of their finances so they can achieve financial freedom.

How can financial advisors specifically apply the strategies and insights from business coaching to improve client retention and satisfaction?

Financial advisors can enhance client experiences by tailoring advice and services to individual needs, and by implementing regular follow-up strategies to ensure client satisfaction and address concerns proactively. Additionally, using feedback obtained from clients to make data-driven decisions can lead to improved services and client trust.

What are the metrics or key performance indicators that financial advisors should use to measure the success of business coaching?

Apart from client retention rates and revenue growth, financial advisors should also look at client satisfaction scores, the efficiency of service delivery, and the acquisition rate of new clients as indicators of coaching success. These metrics can provide a comprehensive view of the impact of business coaching on their practice.

Are there any case studies or examples of financial advisors who have successfully transformed their business with the help of a business coach?

While specific examples weren’t provided, success stories typically involve financial advisors who have seen significant improvements in business planning, time management, and client acquisition strategies. These transformations can often lead to increased profitability and market competitiveness.

Final Words

As a financial advisor, the right financial advisor coaching program will help you achieve your goals and increase your business owner success rate. With so many financial advisor coaching services available, finding one that suits your needs requires careful evaluation.

We hope this guide has been useful in helping you take the next step with your financial planning business.

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