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* Featured Coach = Your listing will be displayed prominently on the directory home page under the Featured Coach section.

+ Eliigible for Referral Leads = We capture inbound enquiries for business coaches, and will share these leads with you if their needs match your profile.

^ Social Promotion = We promote your listing on Instagram and Facebook. We also allow you to create a guest post on our blog once every 12 months.

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FAQs For Business Coaches

We are a niche directory focussing solely on small business coaches. Whilst we are starting out, we feel we are already the leading option, and plan on becoming the destination for business coaches to list. We have introductory pricing for now and this will be grandfathered for the lifetime of your membership!

As we are relatively new and looking to grow the amount of coaches on our directory, we offer a completely free option as well as a Featured Listing Option. The Featured Listing Option is currently only $30 per month and if you are willing to pay 12 months upfront you can get a 20% discount. We anticipate increasing monthl pricing to $50 per month at some point so this is a great deal to take now!

You can list completely for free with some limitations. As more coaches signup however a featured listing will be a great way to differentiate your business. You can create a richer listing with more categories and photos which will increase your visibility on our directory as well as in Google/Bing results. You can lock in lifetime discounted pricing today of $30 per month or only $288 per year.

This just means when you upgrade to a featured listing, that you are placed in a prominent “featured” position on our home page. You also get the additional benefits as per the pricing table above.

When you take out a Featured Listing, one key benefit is that we will include you in “referral leads”. On other pages of our site we capture leads from small businesses who are looking for a coach. We ask them a few questions and then if your coaching business is a match, we will refer you to that small business.

The main part of our site here allows a business owner to find the best business coaches matched to their needs. When they enquire we seek a match based on our extensive knowledge of business coaches in Australia. The directory is designed to allow any business coach no matter where they are on their journey as a coach to list.