7 Ways Chat GPT Can Dramatically Boost Small Business Productivity

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One of the largest trending topics in the past few months in big tech has been Chat GPT – an artificial Intelligence (AI) based chat bot that had Elon Musk as an early investor. Now Microsoft is looking to make an aggressive investment showing the power. The service has been launched as a free “Beta” as the parent company Open AI wants to get feedback on it to ensure its quality is as high as possible. Many are paying attention in large tech etc, but it does not have the awareness it should with small business. In this Article we are going to demonstrate 7 different applications for a variety of small businesses that you the small business owner can literally apply today or with some investigation. First up a little more information on the significance of Chat GPT 3.5 and why you should not ignore it

Update: With the recent release of Chat GPT 4 in mid March 2023, if you are willing to upgrade to a paid subscription you can choose to use this more powerful AI model on your queries. Stay tuned for more information on how to decide whether its worth doing in a future article from us. Read on for more information

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Why Chat GPT Should Not Be Ignored By Small Business Owners

Many in the tech industry are saying that the AI revolution and this advance specifically with Chat GPT will be more significant than the Agricultural Revolution, the Industrial Revolution and the Internet Revolution……. COMBINED!!! Now let that sink in for a minute…..

Yes there is absolutely a potential darker side to chat GPT and AI in general – namely 2 – 1) it has the potential for massive job displacement, 2) it has in history been shown to have inherent biases (like racial prejudice) to the extent previous iterations of similar tech like that produced by Google had to be deprecated! But that all said the AI revolution is in motion, and very similarly to the internet revolution for small business owners, its only “a matter of time” before AI will become commonplace in all businesses of all sizes.

Infographic Of 7 Ways Chat GPT Can Help Boost Small Business Productivity

Short on time? Check out this infographic that summarises the content of this article? Keep reading beyond the infographic if you want more details!

Infographic showing the 7 ways chat gpt can boost small business productivity

How You Should Think About Chat GPT 3.5 or 4

Now we have got that disclaimer out of the way, I want to give you a suggested approach in how to think about Chat GPT and how you can use it. The way I would encourage you to think about Chat GPT is as a “Creative Spark”. And more importantly if you can give it a high amount of information and specificity it can come up with ideas you never thought of. You can take those ideas, refine them (its not perfect) but in business that creative spark is a huge component to high level of productivity

7 Ways Chat GPT Can Save Small Businesses Time and Money

So we could ramble on all day about the why and how of Chat GPT (look out for more articles in coming month), but we promised 9 use cases for small business owners to use Chat GPT to boost productivity, so with out further ado here they are:

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1 – Instagram Posts

With Chat GPT we want to re-iterate the more input you give it the better its responses. Imagine you are a time poor business owner, maybe you have someone helping with social posting on Instagram. One of the biggest challenges is coming up with ideas on what to post with. Guess what – you now have the most powerful tool on the planet for creative ideas. Now, you might be thinking, wont it just come up with the same ideas for everyone? Well, I will stop you right there – as mentioned above it comes down to the level of specificity – the more specific, the more unique the outputs- more on this in an upcoming articles

2 – Blog Posts

This is a contentious area particularly for those familiar with SEO. So you can tell Chat GPT to go write an article on anything, you can get it to imitate the writing style of an author, write it in the style of a fairy tale you name it. The challenge is uniqueness – and anything you post on your blog must be unique. A simple suggestion here is to get a copywriter to rewrite the chat GPT – expand on it if you will. This will likely save you money as well as the job wont be as big as starting a blog from scratch!

3 – Personalised Communications

Another great use case is that you can tell Chat GPT about your customer personas (for example you may have customers in different demographics), then you could have an email template and you could ask Chat GPT to re-write the email so its more compelling for EACH customer persona! Pretty cool right..

4 – Customer Sentiment Analysis

This one is super powerful, but will take the skill of a developer who can use Open AI API for Chat GPT (a way to get information in and out automatically), In theory you could integrate this with all your customer sentiment – this could be in your CRM or on Google My Business, Facebook you name it. You could have Chat GPT audit this for you and summarise areas you are doing well and areas you need to improve. This one is specifically handy for businesses like Cafe/s restaurants with a high volume of customers daily where its hard to keep up with customer sentiment. Less relevant for those small businesses who don’t have as frequent customers.

5 – Language Translation

If you are an Australian business wanting to sell products or translate your website for foregin markets then its possible to do this at scale with Chat GPT – its translation capability is second to none. Very cool

6 – Accelerate Your Learning

You can ask ChatGPT to summarise any book that was available up to November 2021 – quite astounding. Very helpful for when you want to extract the essence of a book. Tell it to adhere to a word length based on the level of detail, and ask it questions on things that stand out that you want to know more about! Very helpful if you are short on time but want to capture ideas from business books etc

7 – Re-organise Data of any kind

You can copy and paste any data from a spreadsheet or word doc directly into chat GPT and ask it to find patterns, identify trends, reorder it based on multiple priorities. Basically you no longer have to be an excel whizz! This is very cool when you think about business owners who live in Google Sheets or Excel and don’t want to pay for expensive productivity software they could use Chat GPT as an alternative.


So there we have it – 7 use cases for Chat GPT and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Hopefully this article has given you a better sense of what ChatGPT is. Furthermore our hope was to start giving you ideas on how you could apply it to help your small business coach. Encourage you to have a play, setup an account today as its free but may at some point cost – so its worth wrapping your head around it before it costs money. Here is the link to create your free account:

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