Cheapest Eftpos Machine For Small Business – Which Is The Best In 2024?

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With contactless payments rapidly increasing in popularity, it’s only right for businesses to start investing in one too. It’s an easy way for them to accept credit card payments from customers. However, for a small business, the wrong Eftpos machine could end up costing them a lot more than they bargained for.

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When it comes to selecting the most suitable EFTPOS machine for your small business, there are several factors to take into account. From the type of transactions you’ll be processing to the mobility of the device, finding the right fit for your business is essential.

Prior to diving into the search for an EFTPOS machine, it’s crucial to assess your business requirements. Consider the volume and value of transactions, as well as the types of payments you’ll be accepting. This will help you identify the features and capabilities necessary in an EFTPOS machine.

Additionally, think about whether you need a portable or countertop EFTPOS machine, as this can impact the cost and functionality of the device.

To avoid spending more than you should on an Eftpos machine, we are going to review 5 of the the cheapest options on the market. But first felt it would be helpful to give you 5 of the most important features to review before you commit to buy a machine!

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What Makes The Best Eftpos Machines In 2024 – Things To Consider

There are different Eftpos options available today. It is then important to understand what sets them apart from each other to determine which one is right for your business.

When searching for the best Eftpos machine for your small business, here are the important things you need to consider:

1- Seamless Integration

An integrated Eftpos can make your business better. You want your Eftpos solution to easily integrate with any existing systems in your business such as your Point Of Sale or Practice Management Software systems or accounting software. This way, you won’t need to make any major changes in your business.

There are several reasons why it’s essential that the Eftpos provider you choose can easily integrate with your POS or PMS system. These include:

  • It can help avoid any costly errors.
  • It can keep your inventory management consistent.
  • It can help your business save time on end-of-day reconciliations.
  • It allows you to receive immediate and detailed transaction reports.

2- Pricing – Compare Eftpos Machine Fees

Depending on the merchant provider, the pricing structure of an Eftpos solution can vary. Make sure to take into account the size of your business and find a provider with a transaction rate that matches it. You also need to make sure that any rental costs, contract terms, and monthly fees suit the level of your sales.

It’s also important to decide beforehand whether you want a pay-as-you-go pricing structure or a more upfront one.

3 – Reliability

This aspect is one of the most crucial to consider. Any connectivity issues or downtime with your Eftpos systems is potential money lost. Not to mention, it might negatively affect a customer’s overall experience with your small business.

Make sure your Eftpos provider has 3G/4G backup for their systems, as well as dual live data centres. This way, they can easily switch to their backup centre if they encounter any technical issues.

4 – Easy Setup

You want your new Eftpos terminal to have an activation and setup process that’s simple and quick to perform, as well as an easy pairing process for your POS or PMS system. It also helps to make sure that your Eftpos provider has customer support that’s available 24/7.

5 – Features

Countertop or portable terminals that can support chip-insert and contactless payments are recommended for small businesses. It’s also important to make sure that your Eftpos solution has digital wallet payments, multiple communication methods, POS or PMS integration and functionality, and accepts most credit card brands.

Reviews of the Cheapest Eftpos Machines For Small Business

Let’s take a look at some of the best and cheapest Eftpos machines available today in Australia.


paynuts logo

Introducing PayNuts , the dynamic EFTPOS duo perfect for small to medium businesses. The spotlight shines on Pay Nothing EFTPOS, where transaction fees are out and surcharges are in. Starting at *$0/month, this option requires a monthly transaction volume of at least $10,000 per terminal.

PayNuts rolls out the welcome mat for Visa, Mastercard, eftpos, AMEX, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Alipay, and the BNPL squad. Flexibility takes center stage – no binding contracts, no exit drama, plus round-the-clock support.

But that’s not the end of the story. The Merchant Portal acts as your business command center, offering insights, trends, and transaction records in a single accessible spot.

Yearning for funds? Opt for Next Business Day or rev it up with Same Day Funding (keep in mind, some extra fees may join the party). And for those steering clear of surcharges, Low Fee EFTPOS steps in. Alongside that, PayNuts provides online payment solutions and slick payment links for an all-encompassing business toolkit. Ready to dive into the world of PayNuts? Your business will go nuts for it!

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Zeller Cheap Small Business Eftpos

Searching for a payments wingman? Meet Zeller Terminal. No frills, just seamless transactions.

Swift Start: Free signup, no contracts. Order online or from Officeworks – done.

Effortless Funds: Enjoy nightly deposits to Zeller Transaction or any bank account.

Packed with Punch: Lasting battery, tipping, surcharging, email and SMS receipts – Zeller Terminal’s got it all.

Budget-Friendly: Wi-Fi, mobile hotspot, SIM card – sell wherever, whenever.

Local Support: Aussie-based help via phone, email, and online – no need to stress.

Versatile Features: Zeller Terminal streamlines customer service and payments. Tipping, surcharges, tracking, easy refunds – check.

Happy Users: Trusted by 25,000+ Aussie businesses. Mobile groomer Casey says, “Reliable, great coverage, long battery life.”

Synchronization Made Simple: Zeller Terminal smoothly syncs with 600+ point-of-sale solutions for a seamless checkout.

Cost-Efficient Rates: 1.4% for in-person payments, lower rates for bigger players. 1.7% for over-the-phone payments. No hidden fees, no rent – Zeller Terminal at $299.

Ready to Roll: Free Zeller Account, zero hidden charges. Aussie support always ready via chat, phone, and email.

User-Friendly: Sign up, order, log in – as simple as 1, 2, 3. Ready for sales and cash flow.


Tyro Eftpos

In a world where business tech can sometimes feel as welcoming as a haunted house, Tyro EFTPOS strides in like a charismatic superhero. With options that suit every need, it’s like they’re saying, “Hey, let’s make payments exciting, shall we?”

BYO App: Transform your iPhone into a payment hub. It’s all about contactless payments, digital receipts, and real-time reports – no complications.

Tyro Go: Perfect for those on the go, this compact dynamo boasts an 8-hour battery, robust security, and a wallet-friendly flat rate.

CounterTop EFTPOS: Elevate your counter with this sleek machine. From Medicare claims to real-time data, it’s your business’s reliable companion.

Mobile EFTPOS: Stay adaptable with WiFi and 3G/4G backup. SplitBills, BarTabs, and PIN shield protection enhance your hospitality prowess.

Tap & Save: Trim expenses with Tap & Save. Seamlessly integrate with POS/PMS for streamlined efficiency.

Why Tyro? They’re more than just a bank – an exciting tech journey. No commitments, local support, and speedy systems.

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Excited yet? Tyro EFTPOS is your path to tech excellence. Say farewell to mundane payments and embrace Tyro!

Square Eftpos Machine

Square Small Business Eftpos Solution

Imagine this: cards swiped, dipped, or tapped, effortlessly responding to your payment skills.

Why choose Square Eftpos? They’re the kings of simplicity, whether online or offline. Forget cash fumbles – Square’s got contactless cards for lightning-fast transactions. Even smartphones and watches are in on the game.

Got chip cards? Square approves. Slide, PIN, and you’re done.

Hold up, here come the hardware heroes! Square Reader, Stand, Terminal, Register – the ultimate payment squad. Wireless connections, speedy checkouts, and digital receipts – all set.

No tricks, just treats – a flat rate for eftpos, Visa, Mastercard. No hidden surprises. Packed with battery power, Square Reader is your go-to for on-the-go payments.

Square app? Think of it as your personal payment assistant – sales, transfers, and analytics, all rolled into one.

No second-guessing needed. Square EFTPOS is the payment wizard you’ve been seeking. Say goodbye to payment worries. Square’s got you covered, simplifying payments every step of the way!

Mint Payments

Mint Cheap Eftpos For Small Business

Whether you’re in-store, on-the-go, or online, Mint’s got your payment needs covered with a lineup of versatile solutions.

Mobile Marvel: M10 EFTPOS
Mint’s M10 is your trusty sidekick. It’s like a mobile payment superhero, processing transactions wherever you have phone signal. It’s perfect for hustlers on the move, counter magicians, and venue hosts. Swipe, tap, insert – it’s got it all. Plus, it dances well with iOS and Android, and even sends email or SMS receipts.

Sleek Standalone: A920 SmartPOS
The A920 is the suave operator for businesses that crave compact and powerful. Its 5-inch touch screen, built-in printer, and strong battery keep you cashing in all day. No wires holding you back – it’s got 4G, WiFi, and Bluetooth to roam your store. And it’s not shy – it plays nice with Android Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Seamless Integration: Move5000 POS
For those who love harmony, the Move5000 syncs seamlessly with POS systems like Tower Systems, EPOS Now, and more. With WiFi and 4G, it’s your trusty companion at the counter or around the store. Tips, surcharges – it’s got your back. No hiccups, just smooth operations.

Online Ease: Online Ecosystem
From invoices to website payments, Mint’s got it sorted. Easy setup, low rates, no monthly fees. API and integrations? They’ve got the tech covered, so you can focus on business.

EFT Made Easy: MintEFT
Suppliers, listen up. MintEFT makes paying and getting paid a breeze with EFT transfers. It’s like magic – mid-office integrations, daily settlement emails, and full payment visibility.

From mobile to online, Mint’s got the payment game down. No more payment woes, just smooth sailing. Time to mint it!

5 Must Have Criteria For Selecting The Best Eftpos For Your Small Business Infographic

Check out the below handy infographic we created to help you decide whats important in an eftpos for your small business. Please share with anyone you think will value this. Read on below for our top frequently asked questions on small business eftpos!

5 Must Have Criteria For Selecting The Best Eftpos For Your Small Business Infographic

Frequently Asked Questions About Small Business Eftpos

Can I use my phone as an eftpos machine?

Your phone is not technically an Eftpos machine but it can perform the same functions. There is enough technology in a smartphone to process any credit card payments or debit cards payments for that matter.

How much does it cost to run eftpos?

It can differ depending on your Eftpos provider. However, with an mPOS device, the fee can be somewhere between 2.6% and 2.9% of the value of your credit card transactions.

Do you need an ABN for eftpos machine?

Yes, a valid ABN is needed to complete the purchase of an Eftpos machine.

Do you have to pay for an eftpos machine?

Yes, payment is needed to acquire an Eftpos machine. However, you can choose between paying upfront or paying monthly fees.

Do I need to consider settlement as a factor?

Yes, it’s important to consider the settlement options available when choosing an Eftpos machine for your small business. Consider how long you will take to receive funds after each transaction, as this could have a significant impact on your cash flow. Some of the most common settlement methods are next-day payment, batch settling and real-time payments. Next-day payment means that you’ll receive money within one working day, while batch settling means that you’ll receive all payments at the end of the month.

What should you consider when it comes to receipt functionality?

When it comes to receipts, you should definitely consider them when choosing an Eftpos machine for your small business. Receipts are essential for keeping track of transactions and providing customers with proof of purchase. There are several receipting options available such as traditional paper receipts, digital receipts sent via email or SMS and printed receipts from a POS terminal. Depending on your needs, it’s important to choose the right option for your business.

Paperless receipting is becoming increasingly popular due to its cost-effectiveness, convenience and environmental benefits. Digital receipts can be sent easily via email.

Is Google Pay accepted on all eftpos machines?

No, Google Pay is not accepted on all Eftpos machines. It’s important to check the compatibility of your machine before you purchase it. Some providers may offer integration with Google Pay, but you should always double-check to make sure. If Google Pay is compatible with your Eftpos machine, then you can enjoy the convenience of contactless payments without worrying about additional hardware or setup costs.

Google Pay also allows customers to complete transactions quickly and securely using their phone or watch. This makes it easier for customers to shop online and in stores by simply tapping their devices.

What are the most commonly used cards a small business eftpost machine should accept?

Small business eftpos machines should accept the most commonly used cards in order to maximize profits. These include Diners Club, Mastercard, American Express, and international travel cards such as Visa and Mastercard. Accepting these cards will allow customers to pay conveniently and securely using their preferred method of payment. Additionally, accepting multiple payment options helps small businesses build trust with customers and increase their customer base.

Accepting Diners Club is a great way to increase sales for restaurants as it is popular among diners who prefer to pay for their meals using this card. Similarly, American Express is widely accepted by businesses that offer luxury services or products due to its higher spending limit compared to other credit cards.

International travel cards are normally backed by the major cards like Visa and Mastercard so nothing really to think about with these.

What are the long-term costs associated with the cheapest Eftpos machines?

When considering the cheapest Eftpos machines, it’s important to understand not only the upfront costs but also the long-term expenses such as transaction fees, maintenance costs, and potential penalties for early termination of contracts. Understanding these factors can help businesses make a more informed decision about which Eftpos machine offers the best value over time.

How do different Eftpos machines handle security and data protection?

Security is a major concern for any business handling electronic transactions. The article does not detail how different Eftpos machines protect customer data or prevent fraudulent transactions. Potential buyers would benefit from knowing which security features are offered by the cheapest Eftpos machines, such as encryption and tokenization, to ensure they choose a device that safeguards customer information effectively.


If you’re looking for the cheapest and best Eftpos machine for small business, then you should generally go for providers that don’t require any monthly fees or a contractual obligation. Consider if they have a seamless integration with your internal systems, and do your dilligence on how reliable they are to reduce risk of maintenance charges. Review their feature capability against your business requirements also

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