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Frequently Asked Questions From Business Owners

The specific responsibilities and services of a small business coach will vary, but in general they will seek to understand a small business end to end and understand what reality looks like today on business performance, and where the business owner would like the business to be. They will then help formulate a plan of execution to bridge that gap. As the word coach implies a small business coach is more about helping a business owner come to their own conclusions as opposed to executing the strategy for them. They will hold the business owner accountable and provide feedback and advice based on their experience along the way.

This is a key challenge for many business owners, and why we decided to create Your Small Business Coach! The most common way a business owner will find a coach is via word of mouth, however sadly many business owners prefer not to admit they need the help so will often suffer in silence. Other ways are simply via small business communities and groups and Google Results. We felt there was a need to fill so we created Your Small Business coach to help you find a suitable small business coach in the major capital cities in Australia today.

In short, the business coach you select should be able to help you make progress on your desired revenue growth goals. They can’t and should not that guarantee you will be able to 10x your revenue for example. as that could be misleading but they should be able to help you define and implement strategies that positively impact your revenue goals. They should help you set achievable milestones as well and follow a agreed upon plan

A small business coach and a small business consultant are quite similar in that they are both professionals who assist small business owners improve their businesses, but they do it in slightly different ways

A small business coach will typically focus on helping the business owner build the skills and mindset needed to run the business effectively. This might include coaching on leadership, time management, and decision-making.

A business consultant, however will typically focus on helping the small business owner identify and solve specific problems within the business. This might include analysing financial data, identifying inefficiencies in their day to day operations, and developing strategies for growth such as new business and customer retention.

Any business growth strategy that a business coach in Australia will may put forth will depend on a number of factors related to the business in question. Though here are 7 standard areas that we would suggest would likely be covered: Market Research, Business Analysis, Goal setting, Action Planning, networking and relationship building, leveraging government schemes and grants and finally support on implementation of the business growth strategy. Again this list is non exhaustive and will depend on the business coach and small business type.

Pricing varies by the referred coaches, who set their rates based on their services, expertise, and the coaching duration. Detailed pricing is discussed once a match is made.

Yes, absolutely we can refer you to a broad selection of business coaches and some are highly specialized with specific methods they have developed that work for specific industries and business types.

We provide an introductory service only by sourcing the most reputable business coaches across the major capital cities including SydneyMelbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. In terms of a key result we save you time and hassle on finding a small business coach that matches your needs.

The cost a small business coach will charge you for their services can vary dependent on their location, depth of their services, their experience, and whether they deliver the service face to face or online. We wrote this blog post which provides more details on how much a business coach costs.

To schedule a consultation with a coach simply click on the Contact Coach button under each listed coach on either the Top Business Coaches In Sydney Page or the Top Business Coaches In Melbourne Page or the Top Business Coaches In Brisbane Page. Equally we encourage you to review our coaches directory also and click on the Contact Coach button to reach out to your preferred coach and schedule a consultation.

As a small business owner using our services there is absolutely no cost. We make money through our coaches directory where a business coach can pay for a featured listing and also through referral fees. For more information see our Terms Of Use.

We get asked this a fair bit from our top coaches! We admire what Bark have done and value they provide, we tend to take a more personal approach and get to know all of the top coaches we reccomend really well. Secondly we only deal with business coaches so we like to feel we are pretty specialised and really get the world of business coaching.

We have undertaken extensive research for several years on the business coaching landscape in Australia. We monitor it consistently. We interview coaches regularly and have strict guidelines to determine who we will put forward as a preferred coach.

We have observed for several years particularly since COVID that there is constant growth in the number of professionals who call themselves business coaches in Australia. Sadly there are many that lack the experience and skills to make a difference to a small business who needs help. We want to simplify that process and ensure a great experience is had end to end from enquiry through to referral and the coach more importantly helping the business owner.

The average duration varies significantly since Your Small Business Coach refers business owners to independent business coaches based on their specific needs and objectives. The actual program length is decided between the business owner and the coach will make the recommendation on the initial call.

Frequently Asked Questions From Business Coaches

We conduct our own extensive research to determine which coaches are included in the “Top Coaches” pages which features the top business coaches who focus on specific capital cities in Australia. This includes interviews and talking to clients as well. You can create a free or featured listing regardless on our Directory here. This listing allows you to be promotional and customised. To review our directory please click here.

We aim to review our top coaches pages every quarter and minimum every 6 months. We feel its important we maintain a high standard to maximise the value of our offering to small business owners.

We charge a monthly recurring fee for our featured listings on our directory see all the benefits on our signup page and how it compares to a free listing here. We also charge a referral fee when a lead is successfully placed as a client. Please contact us here if you would like to learn more.

If you take out a featured listing on our directory, this will mean you will receive a priority on the leads the sites generate for our coaches. This does not mean a featured coach will receive a lead if we believe they are not a fit for the business owner’s enquiry however. So we would encourage all business coaches who are listed as a top coach also take out a featured listing.

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