How to Delete Google Reviews – Is It Really Possible?

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Reviews can make or break a business. In today’s digital age, Google reviews serve as a reliable source of information and recommendation that significantly influence buyers’ decisions.

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According to 2021 research, nine out of ten consumers check reviews before purchasing. Google is the most preferred and trusted channel people turn to for reviews. Furthermore businesses with customer reviews bring about 3.5 times more conversion. That all said what happens when it does not go to plan – either fake reviews from your competitors or unreasonable customers posting illegitimate reviews.

A question that keeps coming up with customers in a position like this is how to delete google reviews or can you turn off google reviews completely to protect the reputation of your business? Read on to learn the full story and actionable tips you can take and apply today if you find yourself in a difficult situation with your Google Reviews.

What is a Google Review?

Before we head on over and discuss how to remove a google review, let’s get to know more about Google reviews and why they are such an essential lever to propel your small business forward.

Google Reviews allow online and traditional businesses to collect customer feedback and reviews that display on the Google Search results page and can also be pulled though onto their website. This marketing tool does the work for you by asking your customers to provide feedback on their customer experience with your brand. Customers can fill out a form and answer some basic questions and the business owner gets the review. The actual review lives in what is called a Google Business Profile which will show when you type in the business name or related geography based search terms to the core service the business provides.

Why Delete a Google Review?

There is no doubt that positive reviews increase brand trust and customer loyalty. On the other hand, negative and false feedback can potentially sabotage your business success. Nevertheless, a small percentage of negative reviews is not alarming; it shows people that you are a real business and not fake.

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The problem lies in false and damaging reviews that can harm your brand’s good name. Wanting to remove a bad google review is understandable primarily if you work very hard to establish a strong reputation online.

According to studies, 71% of consumers are more likely to trust online reviews and referrals. Google is without question the number one site when it comes to reviews, and is followed closely by Facebook. 21% of consumers say that they use Google reviews when searching for local businesses. Therefore, negative reviews can damage your brand because they portray a bad initial first impression in your customers minds.

Can You Remove a Google Review?

Some of the common questions among most website owners are whether one can remove google reviews and how to delete google reviews. Well, it is possible to remove google reviews. However, it is worth noting that deleting Google reviews is daunting. Generally, business owners cannot remove reviews on their end and this help to prevent manipulation and bias.

However, Google has a standing guideline wherein you can request them to remove bad reviews if they breach Google’s policies. You can ask Google to remove google reviews that violate these policies.  Check them out here.

Also, since there’s no way to get around deleting google reviews on your end, you can proactively manage them. How? Simple. Maintaining an amicable yet professional response to customer queries and feedback gives the impression that you care about your customer’s experience and your business is willing to improve your services. 

How to Report Google Reviews & What to do If You Can’t?

Studies show that 83% of consumers don’t trust conventional advertising, and a staggering 89% of them won’t make a final buying decision unless they read reviews. 

If you want to remove a Google review by yourself, here’s how you can do it say if you were the business owner of the Sydney Opera House 🙂

Step 1: Locate your business on Google Maps.

Google Map

Step 2: Look for the review on the review page.

Google My Business

Step 3: Point and click on the three dots found on the right side of the review.

Comments On GMB

Step 4: Select Report Review.

Comments On GMB

Step 5: Here, you will see various selections to choose from. Choose your answer to the question “What’s wrong with this review?” and click on Report.

Review Form

You can also opt to flag a review so long as they do not adhere to Google’s user terms and conditions. You can request Google to remove the review if it is irrelevant, has illegal, offensive/ inappropriate content, and impersonation. Conflicts of interest can also be a ground to consider for a review to be approved for removal.

How to Remove Google Reviews for Your Business?

Because the reviews on your Google My Business page are published without being verified by Google, poor reviews have more potential to damage your business. When the review is unverified, you are likely to get fake and malicious reviews on your business page, which can be a disadvantage.

Fortunately, you can remove fake and spammy reviews. To do this, sign in to your Google My Business Account and click on Reviews. Then, select Flag as inappropriate from the 3-dot menu.

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Another way to get the google review removed is by asking the reviewer to remove or edit their review. Privately reach out to the customer and thank them for their feedback. Offer service recovery to solve a customer’s problem and mitigate the bad experience. Then politely ask them to consider removing their reviews.  For example you could offer a slight refund, or future free service as a few ideas.

How to Respond to Negative Google Reviews?

Aside from boosting your online reputation, unsolicited feedback is also an opportunity to provide a better customer experience. Respond to negative reviews with an open mind and find ways to rectify the situation. 

As mentioned, responding to negative reviews assures customers that you have taken the time to hear them out and are committed to improving your products or services. Frequently, customers complain because they are unhappy and you could not solve their problems. Recognize the problem and work on correcting them.

Lastly, before you respond and take the necessary actions to manage bad reviews, authenticate the review. Make sure that the comment is not dubious or made up. The online world can be dishonest and deceiving. So, make sure that you are dealing with a legit review before taking action to address them.


How to handle a bad review?

Here are a few simple tips for handling a bad review:

  1. Respond quickly.
  2. Answer thoughtfully and honestly.
  3. Give appropriate responses.
  4. Thank the customer.
  5. Correct the issue.

How do I remove a fake Google review?

If you find out that a review is fake, seeking ways to remove it may be crucial to prevent hurting your business’ image. Here are methods for removing google reviews. 

  1. Authenticate the review.
  2. Request the reviewer to take down the feedback.
  3. Flag and report the bogus review.

How long does it take for Google to delete a false review?

It usually takes about 24 hours for Google’s support team to respond to your request, and the review is deleted around 5 to 20 days from the time the request was made. 

Why are there missing Google reviews?

Missing reviews are commonly due to Google policy violations like spam or offensive and inappropriate content. This initiative ensures that reviews are helpful, relevant, and trustworthy.  Frustratingly though good and genuine reviews do get flagged and removed automatically and if this happens nothing can be done. (Trust me I have argued with Google Support over this one)

Reviewers with incomplete or empty Google account are flagged as spam. Likewise, the review will also disappear if the reviewer closes or deactivates the account. 

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