5 Must Listen Podcasts For Aspiring Business Owners in 2022

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Thesedays more people are turning to entrepreneurship as a strategy for leaving their full-time jobs, usually in the form of a side-hustle. However, when they want to step outside of their comfort bubble and embark on an unknown line of work, they may require sources of inspiration and assistance.

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Listening to business podcasts that interest you is one of the simplest solutions to optimize your time while learning. However, given the number of business and leadership podcasts available, wasting time looking for the perfect podcast for business owners can be counterproductive.

The podcasts listed below include anything from extensive discussions with notable thinkers to quick daily tips and tricks. So, here are five podcasts that every small business entrepreneur in Australia should listen to.

Australian best business podcasts to listen to in 2022

1. The Startup Playbook

The Startup Playbook

This podcast for business owners is a weekly show in which Rohit Bhargava meets successful entrepreneurs, marketers, and online commercial gurus. It gives listeners knowledge and practical methods to increase their chances of success in their own enterprises.

This is the podcast for everyone interested in starting and growing a business. Listeners can even discover how to find finance and how investors and business owners think and operate.

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Shelli Trung, Paul Naphtali, and Alex McBride are among the guests in the show. Rohit delves into guests’ mindsets, difficulties, and methods, as well as how successful persons want to transfer their knowledge to the upcoming generation of creators and entrepreneurs.

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2. The Hospopreneurs

The Hospopreneurs Podcast

This podcast focuses on innovative thinking, with an emphasis on the hospitality business. James Henderson, the host and hospitality specialist, discusses significant people from agriculture to operations to showbiz.

He intends for this podcast to serve as a forum for creative and inventive minds to discuss their perspectives and experiences. Listeners can learn and be encouraged to grow and develop here, whether they work in hospitality or some other business sector.

James will discuss the most effective tactics for growing a business and empowering a team. You’ll get a chance to discover how business leaders work, learn the things they wonder about, and avoid numerous typical entrepreneurial blunders.

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3. Beers, Blokes and Business

Beers Books Business Podcast

This podcast for business owners features two guys (Sean Callanan and Steve Sammartino) who sit down and chat entrepreneurship over a few beers. It arose from a casual get-together with a few friends who had an entrepreneurial drive and were talking about business-related things.

Sean and Steve communicate with their audience in a unique way. They highlight details about themselves and their visitors’ ups and downs, as well as how to succeed in business. The guests range from freelancers and self-employed people to high-rollers from any field.

Overall, the podcast is not only useful for learning about how entrepreneurs succeed, but it is also enjoyable to listen to.

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4. BizChix

The Bizchix Podcast

Natalie Eckdahl, the show’s host, offers practical ideas and tangible solutions to her listeners. She intends for BizChix to be a woman-focused business podcast, assisting female solopreneurs in refining their tactics and gaining prominence in their sectors.

She interviews female entrepreneurs and business leaders on their experiences beginning and growing their firms in each episode. Inspiring guests provide their best advice on topics such as marketing a brand and expanding a business.

This one is ideal for anyone who wants to transform their thinking and build confidence. This inspirational podcast has something for everyone, whether you’re seeking marketing tactics or career discussions.

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5. The Pitch

The Pitch Podcast

The Pitch is a startup podcast that teaches aspiring entrepreneurs how to effectively pitch their concepts to investors. Host Josh Muccio envisioned it as a podcast model of Shark Tank.

You will get to see (or listen to) how actual entrepreneurs approach investors for funding and how the entire process works. Listeners will have the opportunity to discover everything; from the pitch through the spontaneous questions to the approval or refusal steps

Whether you’re an aspiring or experienced entrepreneur, this is an excellent podcast to understand how to raise your pitch to investors in the real world!

Click HERE To Listen To The Pitch Podcast


Is a podcast right for your business?

There is a podcast for almost every feeling, topic, and identity among the dozens of streaming podcasts available. And when it comes to choosing a podcast for business owners, the possibilities are limitless.

If you don’t want to waste your time listening to meaningless podcasts, you need to be picky about which ones you listen to. Read the podcast description attentively to highlight the topic of the program.

Also, look for a podcast with competent and trustworthy guests. A business podcast is worth listening to if it gives you concrete suggestions and relevant business tips.

Why are podcasts good for entrepreneurs?

Podcasting has grown in popularity as a social platform, and it is now being used as a way to capture new ideas and money-making chances in the commercial sector. According to a 2017 podcast poll, the number of podcast listeners increased by 56%, while the time listening duration increased by 44%.

Listening to a podcast for business owners on your daily commute or while relaxing after work in the living room can be a useful way to pass the time, and the subject matter can be useful in various ways. Depending on the type of business you do, there is almost certainly a podcast that addresses subjects and issues that you will find useful.

What is the number 1 business podcast?

After Hours is the top podcast for businesses in 2022, according to Tech Radar. Harvard professors and academics debate current affairs and their implications for global business and culture.

Final thought

There are hundreds of podcasts available on streaming services, and listening to them all will do you no good. Now, it’s your turn to ask whichever podcast for business owners you need at your current entrepreneurial phase.

Avoid wasting energy and start growing your leadership skills right away by listening to one of the podcasts mentioned above. They should, hopefully, provide concrete counsel to all budding entrepreneurs as well as credible advice to company owners who have already gotten on their way.

Research and listening to podcasts are just several ways you can build your learning muscle on your journey to becoming an entrepreneur. Consider talking to a small business coach once you are ready to take the leap and transform your idea into a fulltime business.

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